With the popularization of China's urban optical network, people are increasingly eager for video quality. The higher HD means that they will occupy more broadband. This is an indisputable fact and a reality for the live video field. Big technical bottleneck. Fortunately, just a short time ago, Rui Chau Technology, a leading player in the video broadcast industry, has been actively optimizing its live broadcast technology over the years, breaking the bottleneck of the industry at one stroke.

Top technology in the field, leading the new development stage of the video broadcast industry

With the increasing speed of broadband in China's telecommunications sector, high-definition content is no longer a bottleneck. However, as users’ expectations for high-definition picture quality increase, the disadvantage of “occupying broadband too large” is also highlighted, bringing the whole video broadcast industry up. To new challenges. Challenges often mean opportunities. As a leading brand in the industry, Ruizhou Science and Technology has finally overcome the bottleneck of this industry with its excellent technical advantages and active technological optimization, and has brought video live technology into a new stage of development.

Create a new cooperation model and conduct in-depth cooperation with major public relations companies

If the technology of video live broadcasting is the technical foundation of Ruizhou Technology, then the video industry-wide solution is the commercial protection of Ruizhou Technology. Over the years, with its excellent quality, high work efficiency, and reasonable price, Rui Chau Technology has provided media, government, and enterprises with professional and efficient video application solutions that fully meet the actual needs of customers. Through the platform, it also provides a powerful video application function for the website, which improves the quality of the website and the user experience, eliminating all hardware investment and technology research and development. The public relations company has always been the main body of corporate customers. Ruizhou Technology has created a new cooperation model. Through in-depth cooperation with major public relations companies, it has saved tremendous material, financial, and energy and created a “win-win” situation. situation.

Today, Rui Chau Technology has taken root in the video broadcast industry for 4 years, serving as a provider to provide web video application live broadcasting, on-demand video, video website system construction, and website video seamless access platform services. Technology fulfills the primary promise of "Customer Satisfaction". In the future, Ruizhou Technology will devote more professionally and devotedly to the field of live video broadcasting, so that our country's video broadcast technology will be upgraded to a higher level!

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