The world's first seabed storage energy plan in Norway Everyone has heard of submarine cables and also seen submarine tunnels, but have you heard of "marine storage"? According to foreign media news, a few days ago, Norwegian scientists announced a world's first submarine storage energy plan, which can use the high pressure of seawater to produce electricity and be used by shore residents. Xiao Bian thinks this is the reason why ocean power is generated. The key is how to store these ocean energy.

According to Rainer Schramm, who is responsible for the project, this submarine energy storage plan is like setting up a huge and fixed submarine on the seabed, and the seawater will continue to enter the submarine, and the powerful kinetic energy It can be used by people on shore. “This big guy is like a giant subsea power station!” The plan's power turbines can connect to giant water tanks 400-800 meters deep on the sea floor, and then the valves on the turbines will open and the seawater will flow in to start the turbines. The turbine then drives the generator and converts seawater kinetic energy into electrical energy.

Is this an empty talk? No, this deep-sea technology, which has been researched by scientists from Subhydro and SINTEF, has successfully applied for a patent. Experts said that if this plan can be smoothly implemented and establish links with the land, such as connecting it with wind farms, combining wind power, solar power and other resources, will effectively solve the problem of electricity in many areas, becoming another emerging energy.

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