The new high-brightness red LED (UHB) developed by Jingyuan Optoelectronics this year has entered the Philips Huel LED supply chain. The second season began to ship in large quantities, and the new crystal products will account for this year. 15% of revenue.

The number of orders for new crystal products has increased greatly since April. The annual turnover of a single item is 500 million yuan (NTD, the same below), plus these are high-end products, allowing the production capacity of Jingdian to begin in April. Tightening will help the rise in gross margin. Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, said that this year's new products are conservatively estimated to have at least 1 billion yuan in revenue contribution.

It is understood that Philips exclusively sells its high-tech Hue LED lighting equipment in Apple retail stores. It is an intelligent lighting system regulated by the iPhone. It has energy-saving effect, as long as 8.5W can replace the brightness that traditional 50W lamps can provide, the future It is expected to replace a lot of traditional lighting.

Because the Hue lamp is a highly customized lighting product, it can provide more than 16 million color changes for the lamp through the built-in three kinds of LEDs including green, red and blue. Among them, the red LED is the global red light. LED production is the largest factory to provide electricity.

Yamaha Feeder , original and new or used feeder, in stock.

Material: Stainless steel

Feeder can be divided into tape feeder, tube feeder, tray feeder or stick feeder.

Feeder can be divided into original feeder and replacement feeder.

All the feeders shall be maintained during the use time

YAMAHA SS 8mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC100-000,

YAMAHA SS 12mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC200-000,     

YAMAHA SS 16mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC300-000,     

YAMAHA SS 24mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC400-000,     

YAMAHA SS 32mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC500-000,     

YAMAHA SS 44mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC600-000,     

YAMAHA SS 56mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC700-000,     

YAMAHA SS 72mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC800-000,     

YAMAHA SS 88mm ELECTRIC feeder KHJ-MC900-000,

YAMAHA ZS 8mm ELECTRIC feeder KLJ-MC100-000

YAMAHA ZS 12mm ELECTRIC feeder KLJ-MC200-000

YAMAHA ZS 16mm ELECTRIC feeder  KLJ-MC300-000

YAMAHA ZS 24mm ELECTRIC feeder  KLJ-MC400-000

YAMAHA ZS 32mm ELECTRIC feeder  KLJ-MC500-000

YAMAHA ZS 44mm ELECTRIC feeder KLJ-MC600-000

YAMAHA ZS 56mm ELECTRIC feeder  KLJ-MC700-000

YAMAHA ZS 72mm ELECTRIC feeder  KLJ-MC800-000

YAMAHA ZS 88mm ELECTRIC feeder  KLJ-MC900-000 

YAMAHA FT feeder 8×2mm KJW-M1100-023,

YAMAHA FT feeder 8×4mm KJW-M1200-023,

YAMAHA FS2 feeder 8×2mm KJK-M1300-011,

YAMAHA FS2 feeder 8×4mm KJK-M1500-011,

YAMAHA CL feeder 0201mm KW1-M1500-030,     

YAMAHA CL feeder 8×2mm KW1-M1300-000,

YAMAHA CL feeder 8×4mm KW1-M1100-000,

YAMAHA CL feeder 12mm KW1-M2200-301,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 16mm KW1-M3200-100,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 24mm KW1-M4500-015,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 32mm KW1-M5500-000,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 44mm KW1-M6500-000,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 56mm KW1-M7500-000,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 72mm KW1-M8500-000,  

YAMAHA CL feeder 88mm KW1-M9500-000,   

In addition, the following products can be found in our company.

Yamaha Smt Feeder


Smt Machineyamahafeeder

Smt Feeder For Yamaha

Smt Feeder For Siemens

Smt Machine Siemens Feeder

Siemens Smt Feeder


Samsung Smt Feeder

Smt Machine Samsung Feeder


Yamaha Feeder,Yamaha Smt Feeder,Smt Machineyamahafeeder,Smt Feeder For Yamaha

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