Google Says Last Year's Web Loading Speed ​​Increased by 30% According to foreign media reports, Steve Souders, Google’s Google Analytics services executive, said that current mobile web pages are 30% faster than they were a year ago. For desktop browser users, the page load speed is increased by 5%.

Mobile Web performance is often affected by factors such as bloated pages, slow network speeds, and limited processing power. The slower the reaction rate of web pages, the fewer people are used. For Internet companies like Google, this is a big problem.

Saunders said when talking about the overall performance of Web, broadband and wireless network speeds are steadily improving, but this is not the primary factor in Web performance improvement. Saunders said in a blog post on Thursday that "in my opinion, browser improvements are the biggest factor in improving Web performance."

There are several factors that affect the speed of web page loading, including network speed, web server software, web site design, and browsers. Google is convincing the Internet industry to improve all of these factors. Faster performance means more network traffic. More network traffic means more searches, which means Google’s revenue growth.

Saunders wrote in the blog post that web pages are getting more and more bloated, slowing down the web page loading speed, and the code written by web developers is not in compliance with the specification. “Overall, web pages load faster than a year ago and I think browsing Device manufacturers play the biggest role."

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