Inverter production is outsourced with quality risks The operations of frequency converter manufacturers use, for example, outsourced components of some frequency converters, which are mismanaged and there are potential quality risks.

With the rise of local brands, the market share of local inverter companies is gradually expanding, especially in recent years, the trend of accelerating the substitution of foreign brands.

At present, due to constraints in technology and capital strength, the development of local companies has been “situated.” According to industry experts, the current growth rate of the installed capacity (power) of the upconverter in the Chinese market is actually around 20%. It is expected that the inverter market will be saturated and gradually mature after at least 10 years.

The market size of medium and low-voltage electrical equipment converters has increased at a level of 10% to 15%, but the growth rate in 2011 exceeded that of high-voltage converters for the first time, achieving an accelerated development of 30%. The market size is expected to be close to 20 billion yuan.

However, experts have warned that the low- and medium-voltage electrical equipment inverter industry is a strong cycle industry and is closely related to the national economic cycle. At the same time, although the driving factors of automation and upgrading of high-end equipment do not change, but under the strict national tightening policy last year, some SMEs due to raw material prices, labor costs and loan difficulties, the capital of new equipment procurement and technological transformation Sex investment is facing financial difficulties and the demand for frequency converters has slowed down. The use of acceptance bills by small and medium-sized users has also reduced the enthusiasm of channel developers for market development.

Recently, some experts pointed out that due to the current market application of high-end inverter is mainly occupied by the European, American, Japanese and Taiwanese brands, from the long-term development trend, so there are nearly 80% of the import substitution space, low-voltage electrical equipment will be the inverter The main battlefield for future sports.

Automation control is inseparable from the inverter. The low-voltage and medium-voltage electrical appliances are more space for the development of the inverter. Faced with this “feast” of trillions of dollars, the inverter industry can deliver the geometry?

The starting current of the motor using the inverter starts from zero and gradually increases. The maximum value does not exceed the rated current, which reduces the impact on the power grid and the requirements on the power supply capacity, thereby achieving the effect of energy saving and extending the service life of the equipment. Equipment maintenance costs.

Especially in the field of fine processing, through the high-speed control of the motor speed by the inverter, the manufacturing process level can be greatly improved. It can be said that the inverter is currently the most ideal and most promising motor energy-saving equipment, and almost every industry in the national economy is inseparable from the inverter. Bring opportunities and focus on: Sinovel Wind Power, Goldwind Technologies, Tianshun Wind Power, Taisheng Wind Energy, and Hunan Electric Power.

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