AMD Introduces 5GHz Super Processor Sweclockers got news that two new models of FX processors will be added to the Vishera sequence in the future. The current flagship is the FX-8350. The new models are the FX-9000 and FX-8770, all using the Piledriver core, 4 modules and 8 cores. 32nm SOI HKMG process manufacturing.

The FX-9000 base frequency is 4.8GHz and the acceleration frequency reaches 5GHz. This should be the world's first X86 CPU with a default frequency of 5GHz. The frequency of the FX-8770 is currently unknown. From the positioning point of view, it is definitely higher than the FX-8350. It is guessed that the basic frequency will reach 4.6GHz and the acceleration frequency will be 4.8GHz.

Both support the memory frequency is also 1866MHz, continue to use the AM3 + slot, but see TDP power consumption stays, 220W TDP power consumption is higher than the FX-8350's 125W 95W, AMD this is to go against the sky, ah, I really do not know what to use with a radiator. The standard is at least water-cooled.

Such a powerful specification means that the number of products will be very scarce, because products with particularly good circuit and physical constitution are likely to achieve 5GHz frequency, and the estimated price will also be high, which is suitable for high-favorite collection or continued overclocking.

The two processors will not be released soon, and may be displayed during E3. It is also the first processor in the history of June 11-13 to reach the official 5GHz frequency.

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