Meizu M9 smartphone Reference price: 2039 yuan mobile phone features: excellent screen display, made in China when the original Meizu M9 a listing, give the original fiery iPhone market cooling down. From the configuration alone, Meizu M9 configuration is higher, but the price is not high, all of a sudden highlights the M9's price, and now M9 once again cut prices, like friends can pay more attention.

Meizu M9 design is very humane, and into the Meizu own brand connotation. M9 body is not big, women can use just one hand to operate, and the appearance of the back in addition to a more sleek design, shell feel good. The mobile phone Xiaozui Meizu LOGO on the front of the phone fully demonstrates the charm of Chinese culture. The front of the phone is an entire outer screen, covered with all the front design. At the bottom of the screen is a squared Home button. There are two thermal buttons on the left and right, so it is not easy to lock the screen with “misoperation”.

M9 uses a 3.5-inch capacitive screen, supports multi-touch, using ASV material, the main screen color is 16 million colors. It is worth mentioning that the M9's screen resolution reached 960 × 640 pixels, the pixel compression is very small enough to rival the retina screen. M9 is equipped with Android2.3 smart operating system, and joins Meizu's own UI design. It is very unique.

Meizu M9 hardware configuration is also good. The CPU model is the Samsung Hummingbird S5PC110, which provides a frequency of 1GHz. The GPU model is the Imagination PowerVR SGX540, and the mobile phone memory is a dual 512MB combination. The mobile phone runs very smoothly, and various games can run smoothly. M9 built a 5 million pixel CMOS camera, shooting photos is very clear, unfortunately not equipped with fill light.

Edit Comment: Meizu M9 is indeed a powerful mobile phone, whether it is the screen or the size of the appearance are worth recommending. However, the sale of mobile phones is a problem, and any problems need to be returned to the factory. We hope that software problems can be solved by upgrading the system.