The reporter learned from the Jiangxi Provincial Electric Power Company on April 11 that during the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, Jiangxi Province will speed up the construction of smart grids, deepen the transformation of the development mode of the power grid, and initially build a UHV grid and a 500 kV grid as the main grid. A coordinated development of smart grids at all levels of the grid. By 2015, the length of 110 kV and above lines in the province will exceed 32,000 kilometers, and the capacity for electricity transformation will exceed 100 million kVA; the reliability of urban grid power supply will reach 99.96%, and the reliability of rural grid power supply will reach 99.8%. The qualified rate of voltage reached 99.8%, and the qualified rate of rural network comprehensive voltage reached 98.5%; the electricity sold reached 117 billion kWh.

Will enter the new phase of UHV AC/DC hybrid operation To achieve the above goals, Jiangxi Province will fully promote the UHV power grid into the Yu, Nanchang UHV AC power transmission and transformation projects and the Yudong - Xinyu UHV DC project, Jiangxi Power Grid will enter special The new phase of high-voltage AC-DC hybrid operation will greatly enhance Jiangxi's ability to accept external power resources. Efforts will be made to strengthen the construction of distribution networks, strengthen the liaison between the county-level power grid and the main grid of Jiangxi Power Grid, enhance the power supply capacity of urban and rural distribution networks, and improve the reliability of power supply; gradually increase the investment quota for 110 kV and below power grid construction and accelerate the transformation of old equipment. Priority will be given to solving the problem of local power supply “cockpit” and improving the mutual supply and interconnection capacity of distribution networks. The rural power grid upgrading and reconstruction project will be seriously organized to fully construct a new rural power grid with a reasonable structure, advanced technology, reliable power supply, and energy conservation and efficiency.

To achieve a reasonable connection between the 500-kilovolt power grid and the UHV power grid, Jiangxi Province will optimize the 500-kilovolt backbone grid and realize a reasonable connection between the 500-kilovolt power grid and the UHV power grid, forming a central “horizontal character” type centered on the Nanchang UHV substation. The Shuanghuan Network and the western and northern ring networks have built a 220 kV and 110 kV power grid with strong structure, hierarchical operation, and high reliability. They have implemented different design requirements for power grids and enhanced the ability of all levels of power grids to resist natural disasters.

Basically build electric vehicle charging (replacement) service network throughout the province To actively promote the intelligent construction of power grids, Jiangxi Province will comprehensively promote the intelligent construction and communication of power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution, power supply and dispatch. The construction of information platform has greatly improved the level of intelligentization of the power grid; a charging and recharging service network for electric vehicles throughout the province has been basically completed, which has enabled distributed power access and energy storage technologies to be widely used, and the ability of the power grid to accept new energy has increased substantially; Build an electric smart community and power fiber to the home.