Model NO.: GW13
Number of Poles: Three Pole
Grounding: Single Ground
Series: Single-Stage
Run: Vertical Rotation
Switching Mode: Double-Throw Type
Common Model: Gw13
Structure of Operating: Electric
Certification: ISO9001
Brand: Yongde
Phase: Single
Insulator Color: Brown
Discharge Current: 1.5ka
Voltage: 72.5kv
Trademark: YONGDE
Transport Package: by Wood Carton
Specification: IEC 62271-102: 2005 IEEE Std C37.30-1997
Origin: China
HS Code: 8535300000
GW13 type main transformer neutral is alternating current 50Hz outdoor electric equipment. In the event of the no bearing, it used as the transformer neutral point to connect the ground. It also can be used as the ground connecting equipment composed with the adjustable discharge gap, gap support isolated pillar and current mutual inductor.
GW8-40.5~126/630 type and GW13-40.5~126/630~1250 type can mach CJ6 motor operating machine or SJ3 mechanic operating machine.
The products have property of simple structure, reliable property, wide usage, economical and long using time.
We have whole specification and can satisfy user's different parameter requirement.
Connecting terminal and the electric pole is made by casting aluminum-alloy and section bar, having the good property of high-intensity, good flowing and anti-corrosion
In the galvanic circle, the section is the combination structure made by screw fix linking, having the good property of stable flowing, high reliability, simple change way and convenient adding volume way.
In the galvanic circle, the contact and finger is made by T2Y pure copper tap whose connecting part is coated by 30μ M silver.
Finger spring is made by the stainless steel and its design is the inside hiding and outside press structure which is convenient for testing and changing.
Bearing block is made by high-intensity casting steel (disposed by hot zinc coating), the height can be adjusted and have the function of damping.
All the operating rod and linking rod are supplied by manufacturer, which is convenient for loading, adjusting and testing.
It can be supplied as a whole above the ground according to user's requirement.
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1 Rated   Voltage                                  kV 72.5 123 145
2 Rated Current                                  A 630, 1250
3 Rated Short Time withstand current and time kA/s 25-40/4
4 Rated Peak withstand current  kA 63-100
5 1min power frequency withstand voltage (effective value)  kV To earth 140 230 275
To phase 140 230 275
6 Lightning impulse withstand voltage v(peak value) kV To earth 325 550 650
To phase 325 550 650
7   Rated mechanical terminaload           N Level of lateral load 750 1500 1500
Level of vertical load 500 1000 1000
Vertical force 750 1000 1000
8 Max Man Operative Moment    N. m 200
9 control voltage                            V AC220   DC110 or220
10   motor  voltage                                  V AC220 or380 DC110 or220
Gw13 Outdoor Neutral Point Type 1250-4000A Hv Isolating SwitchGw13 Outdoor Neutral Point Type 1250-4000A Hv Isolating SwitchGw13 Outdoor Neutral Point Type 1250-4000A Hv Isolating SwitchGw13 Outdoor Neutral Point Type 1250-4000A Hv Isolating Switch
Gw13 Outdoor Neutral Point Type 1250-4000A Hv Isolating Switch