The X1 is a smart projection computer, and the virtual touch technology, which is uniquely patented by Divine Technology, is added so that only one touch pen can be used to complete all operations without having to look like a tablet computer. The use of close-to-the-body can also be compared to the experience of using a flat panel. Therefore, the flat panel radiation hazard is fundamentally removed. Secondly, the screen content is the projection of the projection computer on the wall. The light is soft and there will not be any direct rays of harmful rays. No matter adults or children, even if they play games and watch movies for a long time, their eyes will not be uncomfortable and fatigued. damage.

The X1 smart projection computer, based on the Android 4.2 depth-optimized operating system, is perfectly compatible with 2 million Android applications. Based on the virtual control depth-optimized UI interface, you can get any operation you want. In addition, it is far better than the 65-inch ultra-large screen of the tablet computer, making it not only a projector, but also an oversized tablet that is put on the wall.

2.54mm Wire To Board Connectors are avialable in different terminations and sizes intended for use on a variety of applications. These connectors provide power and signal with different body styles, termination options, and centerlines. To find the wire to board set required, click on the appropriate sub section below.

2.54mm(.098") Wire to Board Connector
Provide a variety of PIN and Size, Right Angle or Straight Type, DIP or SMT, Dual or Single Row Wire to Board Connector for industry-specific LCD screen, Communications products, Computer peripheral notebook computer micro-electrical equipment, communications equipment, lighting products, there are a widely range of uses can be use

2.54mm(.098") Wire to Board Connector Specification
Current rating:3A AC DC 
Voltage rating:250V AC DC
Temperature rating:-25°C~+105°C
Contact resistance:20mΩ max.
Insulation resistance:1000MΩ min.
Withstanding voltage:1000V AC/min.
Circuits available ::02-18PIN
Contact : :Brass or Phosphor bronze
Electronic rating ::250V/3A
Finish ::Plating Tin or Gold over Nickel
Material ::Nylon UL 94V-0 or UL 94V-2

2.54mm(.098") Wire to Board Connector Key Features
2.54MM  wire to wire and wire to board connector.
Single Row 180° DIP /  90°DIP / 180° SMT /  90°  SMT
Applicable wire AWG #28~ #24
Alternative with Molex products
Lead-Free ROHS & REACH

2.54mm(.098") Wire to Board Connector Applications
Automotive, Communications & Networking, Consumer Electronics, Lighting, Medical

2.54Mm Wire To Board Connectors

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