General Electric establishes digital division

On Monday, GE announced that it will transfer its software and IT functions to GE Digital and announced a broader reorganization of its management, including the head of the energy management department who is about to retire. Under the leadership of CEO Jeff Immelt, General Electric bets integrate software and analysis technology with the company’s industrial products, and the company will integrate all of its internal digital functions into a single unit. .

In 2011, Bill Ruh, who moved from Cisco to GE, will serve as chief digital officer and will be responsible for strengthening GE's software technology.

Immelt said in a statement that the new department “will accelerate our progress and build GE’s digital skills.” GE expects to achieve software and analytics revenue of $6 billion this year, and the company plans to reach the world by 2020. Big software company. According to the company’s spokesperson, they are currently ranked 15th.

Last year, GE’s total revenue was $150 billion. The company will hold an annual conference in San Francisco later this month to promote digital business and technology.

The US conglomerate also announced that Mark Begor, the head of its energy management department, will retire after 35 years of playing for the company. The 57-year-old Berger led the company to improve the marginal profitability of its energy management department. He had previously been responsible for the real estate business of GE Capital.

As General Electric will soon complete the acquisition of the French Alstom grid business, the company's energy management business revenue will be expanded from $ 7.3 billion last year to $ 13 billion. Berg declared last week at the investor conference of the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets about the benefits of this transaction.

Russell Stokes, head of GE Transportation, will take over the energy management business. Under the leadership of 44-year-old Stokes, GE Transportation achieved $5.7 billion in revenue last year. They are designing a locomotive that can meet the new emission standards.

The 47-year-old General Electric CIO Jamie Miller will be the head of GE Transportation. The above resolution will come into effect on October 1.

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