Recently, news about gas stove dangerous accidents has been continuous, and some even have hidden dangers of explosion. So what causes these gas stoves to be dangerous? In addition to the quality of the product itself, there is still a large part of the reason that consumers do not develop good use and maintenance habits.
According to the quality inspection experts of the quality supervision department: “The National Gas Cooker Safety Management Regulations and other industry regulations clearly stipulate the safe use life of kitchen and bathroom appliances, generally 5 to 8 years. That is to say, after using this year, there will be Many insecurities exist and need to be replaced early. According to incomplete statistics, 30% of household kitchen appliances in modern cities are “overaged use”, especially in a few secondary cities with slow housing renewals.
The overage use of commonly used electrical appliances brings many safety hazards:
Component aging, dangerous combustion: artificial gas cooker used for 6 years, oil and gas cooker used 8 years after the need to scrap. Corrosion and wear of parts and components may cause gas leakage, incomplete combustion, excessive carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas, etc., and there is a risk of fire.
Overage use, safety is not guaranteed: According to the "Safety Management Regulations for Household Gas Burning Appliances", the service life of domestic artificial gas water heaters and natural gas water heaters is 6 years and 8 years respectively. The components ageing for a long time, affecting normal and safe use, often turning off the fire in the middle of the phenomenon, etc., in severe cases, it will cause carbon monoxide leakage, gas poisoning incidents.
Over time, chemical carcinogenesis: The national standard for range hoods is 7 years. The hood has been used for more than 6 years. A large amount of uncleanable oil is deposited in the hood. It may induce carcinogenic harmful substances when it is volatilized by heat. If harmful substances are absorbed by the body, lung cancer is easily caused, and housewives and children become the biggest victims.
What is the reason for tempering and how to deal with it?
1. There is dirt in the fire hole to remove the dirt; the fire cover is not placed in place and re-placed;
2. The pressure output is low, and the pressure of the pressure reducing valve is adjusted;
3. The hose is squeezed to eliminate the extrusion phenomenon;
4. The damper is adjusted too much, and the damper is adjusted to the normal burning state;
What is the reason for leaving the flame, how to deal with it?
1. Too much air or poor damper adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the damper;
2. The gas source of the cooker does not match the source of the user's home, replace the cooker or change the gas source;
3. Part of the fire cover hole is blocked, and the fire cover hole is transmitted;
4. The pressure of the air source is too large or the pressure reducing valve is bad.
What is the phenomenon of red fire?
The flame outside flame is red, and when it is serious, it will blacken the bottom of the pot.

What is the cause of the red fire, how to deal with it?
1. Insufficient air intake or improper damper adjustment can be achieved by adjusting the damper;
2. There are foreign objects in the nozzle, air pipe and fire cover, and clean the foreign objects in the nozzle, air pipe and fire cover;
3. The applicable gas source of the cooker does not match the actual use of the gas source, replace the cooker or change the gas source;
The stove has a reason that the ignition pin discharges normally and does not catch fire.
1. The gas source master valve is not open;
2. The fire hole at the discharge of the ignition pin is blocked;
3. The nozzle is blocked;
4, such as liquefied gas, may be the pressure relief valve is broken;
5, the ignition needle is biased
Experts explain the main reasons for the explosion
Once upon a time, due to its novel style, unique shape and easy scrubbing, tempered glass cookers were once sought after. However, in fact, some stoves have insufficient materials and design techniques, and the manufacturer’s after-sales service is not in place, and the obligation to inform is insufficient. Coupled with the lack of safety knowledge in the use of consumers, the tempered glass products burst. The problem cannot be cured.
Some experts explained that the self-explosion of tempered glass is mainly caused by unstable nickel sulfide in glass, and the temperature difference is an important factor. High temperature will increase the activity of nickel sulfide and destroy the stress balance of tempered glass. After long-term heating, some stones will change with time, causing cracks inside the glass, causing glass to rupture.
Experts said that there are three main reasons for the accident: first, the quality of the tempered glass itself; second, the disassembly of the appliance and improper operation during installation, causing the panel to burst; third, the lack of inspection and maintenance after a long period of use, resulting in internal components. Improper work and burst. In addition, the manufacturer's after-sales service is not perfect, and lack of necessary follow-up visits and operational guidance for such products is also one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of explosion accidents.
Professionals introduce prevention methods
According to national standards, tempered glass products allow for a self-detonation rate of three thousandths. But even such a low probability leaves a safety hazard to consumers' lives.
According to experts, tempered glass panels are like wear-resistant parts. Consumers use it frequently, it is inevitable to scratch, smash, and corrode the glass surface, so that the tempered glass panel can withstand high temperature and pressure resistance, thus laying a safety hazard. Tempered glass products are prone to bursting under age and high temperature and high heat. Taking tempered glass cookers as an example, consumers are prone to spatter when they are subjected to traditional cooking methods such as frying, frying, braising, boiling, stewing, etc. Once the spillage falls on the glass surface with a higher temperature, hot and cold will not occur. All phenomena are prone to explosion accidents. Therefore, the panel of the tempered glass cooker should be regularly inspected and replaced.
In the opinion of relevant experts, from the perspective of materials science, it is not reasonable to choose tempered glass for gas stoves. Consumers can choose higher-strength stainless steel and ceramic products as panel cookers when selecting. Safe and beautiful. Relevant persons of the Consumer Council have suggested that if consumers purchase stoves for tempered glass products, it is also best to choose professional products from well-known manufacturers. In daily use, they must also raise awareness of prevention.
Professionals suggest: try not to scrub with hard materials such as acid, alkali cleaner or iron planer; wipe the salt, vinegar, soy sauce and water splashed on the stove surface in time; do not gravity hit the stove surface when using, avoid the stove surface After overheating or heat, suddenly encounter cold; should regularly clean the grease on the stove ring, regularly clean the fire hole, remove impurities and carbon deposits, prevent tempering and yellow flame; for longer use, the stove has tempering and yellow flame Phenomenon should be replaced in time; avoid disassembling the device by yourself; regularly ask professionals to check the air tightness of gas stoves, hoses, etc. to reduce safety hazards. It is worth mentioning that in the event of a bursting accident, the site should be protected, and professionals should be asked to judge the cause of the explosion and deal with the aftermath.
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