How about Skyworth Box Q+? The Skyworth Box Q+ was launched with the Tencent platform at the beginning of its listing and received high attention with extremely high price/performance ratio. Skyworth Box Q+ is a product of Skyworth's cooperation with Tencent and is the main TV box product of Skyworth's living room strategy. Xiaobian for everyone to experience the evaluation of the box Q + Skyworth, detailing the introduction of this cost-effective TV box product trial!


The intuitive experience of Skyworth Box Q+ is that it is exquisite and compact, and the overall design is very simple. With a black mirror design, it appears to be of a very good grade, and it is also beautifully placed in the living room, without the common sense of cheapness of other boxes. The blue Q+ logo is very prominent on the top cover, and the Q word makes it easy to think of Tencent. In the waist of the box there is a blue dotted ornamentation, which is very fashionable.

The lateral curvature of the Skyworth box Q+ is obvious and it is comfortable to hold. The integrated body, indicator and infrared receiver are hidden under the shell, simple and beautiful. At the bottom of the border with a mat, a non-slip effect, to avoid the risk of the user's TV box accidentally slipped.

Interfaces, Skyworth box Q + quite mainstream, with a DC power interface, AV interface, HDMI high-definition video interface, RJ45 network interface, USB2.0 interface and micro USB interface. The micro USB interface can help the user to connect the TV box with the computer, so that the user can also use the software such as pea pods to operate the TV box.

On the remote control side, the Skyworth box Q+ slogan is “one-button enamoured,” and the main product is simple and easy to use. It uses an innovative Q-key to freely set favorite categories, and opens favorite games, videos, applications, etc. with one click. Convenience. The remote control adopts a simple 12-key design, which eliminates the needless use of a numeric keypad area. The simple remote control is more in line with the requirements of the TV box. Each key position is just right. The remote controller uses a more general AAA7 battery, which is more convenient to replace the battery.

UI design articles:

The UI design of the Skyworth box Q+ is also very good. The Sky UI 2.0 has been deeply customized. It is more consistent with the habit of using large-screen TVs. The screen style uses the WIN 8 large icon mode design. The background is divided into various color blocks and looks very small and fresh. The interface design is quite concise, divided into my, recommendation, classification, application, market, and setting up six tab pages. Users can better understand the function of each tab more directly.

Skyworth Box Q+ My tag section provides more information about the personal cloud management of the TV box, including media center, cloud music, cloud albums, and attention. It is worth mentioning that WeChat interaction can also be completed here.

The recommendation section is provided in addition to a variety of film and television hits. Of course, the user can also enter favorite, search, and other operations on the recommendation page.

Classification tags are actually classified as movies and TV. Divided into categories such as movies, TV dramas, variety shows, and cartoons, this is basically based on the resource layout of CIBN and Tencent videos, and it is very easy to find favorite content.

The Discover tag is the most popular recommended app and game. You can directly go to the app market to find more, or view the recent download rankings, or you can check the application or game update and search operation.

Skyworth box Q+ application market, there are various kinds of APP software to provide installation.

Skyworth Box Q+ Application Ranking

Skyworth Box Q+ Application Update

Skyworth Box Q+ Application Search

The application section shows the application program installed by the user. Of course, if the display is incomplete, the user can also search for all the applications, and the common software can be fixed to this screen for convenient selection in all applications.

The Settings tab contains common settings for the box, including network, display, audio, energy saving, one-click optimization, etc. It also allows you to change the background, view the local machine information, and perform system upgrades.

Hardware articles:

In terms of hardware, the Skyworth box Q+ is focused on the people-friendly route and uses the mainstream quad-core processor from Amlogic, which is enough to meet the daily needs of public users. Support hard-to-get solutions for the latest H.265 encoding format, which saves 50% of bandwidth while viewing the same-definition video, making playback smoother. Unfortunately, unfortunately, it does not support 4K resolution. Skyworth box Q+ is equipped with 1G of running memory, 8G of storage space, is the mainstream configuration of the current box market, can still maintain a smooth and non-stopping in the case of installing more software.

Tencent Application:

The Skyworth Box Q+ main Tencent application, as a new product strategy of Tencent's living room, Skyworth box Q+ built-in Tencent video, QQ music, QQ games, WeChat cloud albums and other content, taking into account Tencent has been increasing video content in the past two years Investment shows Tencent's emphasis on television boxes.

The CIBN radio and television license used by Skyworth Box Q+, CIBN stands for China International Radio and TV Network Station and is one of the seven licensees of broadcasting and TV. Due to the broadcasting and television policy, the Tencent video does not appear on the video content interface, but the CIBN playback is still visible. The device contains Tencent video broadcast content. From the interface, you can see that the current hit TV drama series are basically covered, and the classification is also very rich, including Hollywood movies, movies, variety shows, animation, special topics and Tencent video Hollywood movies.

Skyworth Box Q+ also has built-in QQ music, which can enjoy a large amount of genuine music. In addition, there will be 50 live concerts each year, which can be synchronized with the QQ music of mobile phones, PCs and other platforms. It is very convenient.

What merits attention here is the WeChat cloud album function of Skyworth Box Q+. Only need to pay attention to WeChat public account “family album”, send pictures to the WeChat public number, you can synchronize photos to Skyworth box Q+ cloud album, you can always take photos of what happened around you and share it with relatives at home, practical The degree is very high.

App Store articles:

Skyworth Box Q+ has a large number of app store apps and currently has more than 1,000 apps available for download. At the same time, it will maintain daily updates so that users can use the applications they want to use better and more timely.

Other features articles:

In addition to video resources, Skyworth Box Q+ also provides us with many other useful features such as background changes, one-click optimization, and weather forecasting. It is worth mentioning that the Wechat interactive function can be entered in the box interface, "My" tab can enter the WeChat interactive function, as long as the phone and the box are in the same WiFi, you can use the WeChat interactive function of the Skyworth box official WeChat, enter The device code is bound to the box, so that the phone becomes a remote control and controls the box at any time. Wechat interactive function also has a remote installation APP, push screen album function.

to sum up:

Skyworth Box Q+ has performed very well both in appearance and hardware performance, and has cooperated with CIBN and Tencent in terms of licensees and content providers, and can enjoy the rich resources of Tencent Video. As the first box using Tencent's video source, it is easy to use and is a very good choice. The exquisite and simple UI style, in the premise that users can easily get started, but also gives the user the beauty of the enjoyment, but also quite good.

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