The annual super music event, the spectacular fourth quarter of the "China Super Sound Summit Finals," will be staged at the Beijing National Stadium "Bird's Nest" on October 7th, which will also be the history of the "Bird's Nest". The first TV music reality show finals was held. In this magnificent site and important time to witness history, the four mentors of the fourth quarter China Good Voice: Yu Chengqing, Jay Chou, Na Ying, and Wang Feng, will lead their team's students to compete fiercely and compete for the glory moment of the championship!

In order to welcome the upcoming peak battle, a series of finals canvassing conferences will be held in Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Nantong and four major cities. Including the second quarter Chinese voice champion Li Qi, the third quarter of Muse Han, Li Jiage, Zhou Shen, Li Wei, Luo Jingwen, Xia Heng, including a number of star students, will be this year's top four mentor team in the ultra-popular trainees Together, in this super canvassing session across the two major golden holidays of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, the people are presented with endless charm that is a good voice, cheering for the ultimate summit of the pinnacle of the night and launching a massive wave of popular support. In this peak battle, not only will the ultimate mystery of this year's "China Good Voice" champions be revealed, but also four mentors with absolute super popularity and musical influence in the Chinese music scene will bring along the popular students of their respective teams. The audience presented an incomparable wonderful music feast, which will inexhaustibly extend our music dreams throughout the summer.

Tencent Video TV Edition (Cloud Audio Penguin)
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From September 30th onwards, good voices have ushered in the "Teachers' Warfare", "The Peak Nights" and "The Peak Matchups". Tencent's video TV version (Cloud Audio and Penguin) has been exclusively broadcast live! Friends using smart TV can use Tencent video TV version to watch. The specific schedule is as follows:

Good voice on the battle table
September 30
[Tutor Battle] liveshow third game (Xu Zheng, Bao Bell "Hong Kong" and other propaganda to propaganda)
October 7
[The Peak Night] Finals (Live)
October 16
Pinnacle duel
PS: The peak match-up mode: In the fourth quarter, the good voice students were a team. The students in the first three quarters jointly performed PK for a team.

Will not install and use Tencent video TV version Please refer to the tutorial:
1, open the sofa butler, select the home page left search tool.

2. Enter the first letter of Tencent video TV version. Enter “TX” here to find the Tencent video TV version.

3. Select "Play with one key", in fact, install Tencent video TV version.

4, the installation is complete, open Tencent video TV version.

5, quickly experience Tencent video TV version!

Tencent video TV version, the best on-demand broadcast applications on smart TV, massive genuine video programs for you to see. Friends who like "China Good Voice" must not miss!

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