A feast can sometimes change a person's life; a banquet can even affect the success and failure of a professional career. If you look at the business as a feast, then you must master the ritual of mastering a dinner table to grasp the mystery.

Buffet Luncheon: Try not to take the troublesome food Nanxie works as a general manager secretarial at a Beijing headquarters of a famous multinational company, and has a working luncheon with the general manager and marketing director at noon to study the marketing work in the coming year. plan.

This is not a very formal meeting. It mainly uses lunch time to communicate with each other. Nanxun knew that the company should officially entertain the company’s largest customer, President Zhang, at the evening, and thanked them for their support for the past year. She had arranged the hotel and menu in advance. Lunch is in the form of a buffet. When you eat with the general manager, Nanxun does not want to lose points. When she takes food, she chooses food that she can eat, and gives up her usual favorite prawns. Can eat food. She knows that she may record her boss's instructions at any time. There is no time for makeup, and the general manager is French and very particular about it.

Buffet etiquette: buffet drinks will have its own characteristics. It is not like the banquet of Chinese or Western food. Everyone attends the meal directly and starts the dining process directly. Usually the buffet does not involve seating arrangements. Everyone can walk around in this area. . When talking with others, you should pay attention to stop chewing food in your mouth, and don’t eat hard food when talking about business, and pay attention to avoid wasting.

Formal feast: advance communication arrangements for the climax to return to the office in the afternoon, Nanxun once again implemented the hotel's banquet hall and menu, to prepare for the evening's official dinner. After calculating that there were eight guests and two guests, Nanxun arranged a table card. Because he was an acquaintance and only had a few guests, he did not send invitations. However, she still did not trust, then she picked up the phone and found the other party's public relations department. The manager explained in detail the place and time of the dinner and seriously asked the CEOs about their eating habits. Manager Li told them that they are always Shanxiers and do not like seafood very much. They like pasta very much. After listening to Nancy, he called the hotel and re-adjusted the dinner menu.

Nanzhao still decided to go to the hotel half an hour earlier to see the arrangements for the dinner and do some preparations at the site. When he arrived at the hotel, Nanzhao found the foreman manager, once again talked about key issues, and checked with him to prepare for the banquet. There are two inside and outside banquet halls, and the outside is the reception room. It is the place where the owner receives the guests. The flowers and refreshments have been prepared. There are banquet rooms inside. The round table in the Chinese style banquet has placed various dishes.