In order to promote the industrialization of next-generation pro-environmental light source OLED lighting, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of the Republic of Korea has invested 30 billion won (about US$26.91 million) in private development projects for OLED industrialization. It is expected that OLED lighting will be popularized in bedrooms by 2013.

The focus of the project is to improve the OLED panel production equipment development and the OLED manufacturing capabilities of the industry. This part is a stumbling block in the OLED market.

In particular, equipment manufacturers and OLED lighting panel manufacturers have jointly developed core equipment such as In-line vacuum coating equipment for 4th generation substrates, and plan to mass produce high-productivity, low-cost OLED lighting panels.

In addition, the Gwangju Nano Technology Center of the Institute of Production Technology and the Electronic Components Research Institute Jeollabuk-do Printing Electronics Center will also provide panels for the development of new OLED lighting products for small and medium-sized lighting companies. Gwangju Design Center supports OLED lighting design and development. .

In addition, the government will also build an international network to cultivate more than 350 OLED lighting professionals and hold various international lectures.

The project will promote Gwangju, Jeollabuk-do and Jeonju to participate in the formation of a regional connection, and OLED lighting panel manufacturers such as LG Chem and NeoView KOLON will also participate in the investment. The early investment of large enterprises is expected to bring about the effect of creating a market.

In fact, panel makers such as LG Chemical and equipment manufacturers such as Sunic Systems and SNU Precision will continue to invest a total of 500 billion won (about 449 million US dollars) in the development of the OLED lighting industry by 2015.

OLED lighting does not use heavy metals such as mercury and lead. It has good environmental friendliness and high light efficiency. LED lighting is also attracting attention with the next generation of light sources that can replace existing lighting. Different from semiconductor lighting LEDs, as panel lighting, it can only be manufactured into an ultra-thin shape of 2~3mm, and it is hardly dazzling, and is suitable for indoor lighting.

However, unlike the LED lighting that has successfully entered the market, the effective production system for panel manufacturing of OLED lighting has been developed late, and it has also stagnated in the formation of the market. At present, with advanced countries such as Germany as the center, the OLED lighting market is actively expanding. Global lighting companies such as Osram, GE and Philips are preparing for mass production of OLEDs.

The technical capability of OLED Display in Korea ranks first in the world in the field of lighting panels, but the related fields such as equipment and lamps are not enough. The technical strength of the OLED lighting industry is only 70% compared with advanced countries, and efforts still need to be continued.

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