As more and more TV manufacturers join the war, LED TV2010 will aggressively capture the market, and it is expected that the demand for LED will grow at the same time, and the number of LED packages will be calculated. It is estimated that the demand in 2010 will be 9.36 billion. Samsung Electronics accounted for approximately 26% of the total, LG Electronics accounted for approximately 18%, Sony and Sharp each accounted for 13%, and Vizio accounted for approximately 10% of the total. In terms of the number of LED packages, the annual growth rate is as high as 450%.
Under the dual pressures of supply and demand, namely the supply of key LED components and the demand for brand estuary, both Korean and Japanese are expected to pose significant threats and challenges to the growth of Taiwanese LED packaging manufacturers. .
At the beginning of 2009, after Samsung's big budget to promote the new concept of LEDTV, the market set off a new generation of TV replacement. According to LEDinside estimates, in 2009, LEDTV shipped a total of about 3.5 million units worldwide, of which Samsung shipped more than 70%, ranking first in the championship, followed by Sharp and Lejin; it is worth noting that the first wave of LEDTV war Among them, the total shipment ratio of two Korean manufacturers is as high as 80%.
As for the price, the price difference between LED and CCFL continues to shrink. According to the 46-inch TV backlight module, the current price difference is about 2.4 times. It is expected that by the end of 2010, the gap will be less than 1.5 times. The main reason is the light effect. The evolution of the upgrade, the process and the reduction in the number of LightBars used; and the continued decline in LED prices and technological advancement of products will be the biggest competitive advantage of LEDTV in 2010 to replace traditional LCD TVs.
According to LED inside estimates, the shipment of LEDTV in the 2010 plan will reach 39 million units, of which Korean and Japanese manufacturers account for 40% and 30%.

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