LED lighting manufacturer Dayuan Shengsheng Technology, in the "2010 Taipei International Invention and Technology Trade Show", LED street lamp products won the gold medal for the invention competition for two consecutive years.

The "2010 Taipei International Invention and Technology Exchange Exhibition" planned the invention competition area, technology trading area and foreign business area. On the spot, the three themes of intelligent life, biomedical health care and green energy conservation were exhibited. Xinyuansheng LED outdoor lighting fixtures were reviewed. The members praised and exchanged ideas with other advanced technologies of production, education and research.

Xinyuansheng has a business philosophy of integrity, professionalism and service. It has a number of invention patents for heat dissipation technology around the world. LED street lamps and their power supplies are all tested by UL, the most authoritative product safety testing and certification organization in the United States. The company's Q3 orders surged, and Q4 revenue is expected to increase significantly.

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Car Head Wiring Harness

car headlight harness

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