According to reports, as a "no-night city" in Hong Kong, the problem of light pollution is serious. The complaints in the past four years have risen 4.5 times. Friends of the Earth Group, the Friends of the Earth, pointed out that commercial advertising signs are increasingly using more dazzling LED lights, and complaints involving government departments have worsened. Among them, the Highways Department and the LCSD received 116 complaints last year, accounting for 30% of the total complaints. . The group believes that the government should lead by example to avoid the public lighting of the department "disturbing the people", and refer to foreign regulations to control advertising and decorative lights to be turned off before midnight or within one hour after closing the store to reduce waste of energy and nuisance.

The Environment Bureau is working on legislation to regulate light pollution. However, the number of complaints received by the government departments has increased year by year, from 68 in 2006 to 377 in 2009. In 2009, it increased by 89% from 2008. The EPD received 213 light pollution complaints against public and private lighting systems. The Highways Department and the LCSD received a total of 116 complaints.

The Environmental Protection Officer of the Friends of the Earth, Mr Cheng Yi-kwai, believes that the public will complain to the EPD about the light pollution problem of the private sector. As regards the light pollution problem of individual departments, it will directly reflect to the relevant departments. For example, the complaints about the Highways Department's wall-mounted street lamps affect the tenants due to the angle of exposure. The unit, the LCSD park or the stadium will remain lit after being closed. She urged all government departments to improve lighting design and lighting time. As there is no legislation to regulate light pollution, it is difficult to handle complaints from relevant departments.

Last month, the Friends of the Earth inspection also found that commercial advertising signs generally improved. Only a few shops were still showing signs after closing the store. They found that the company had switched to LED lighting and received complaints from women who lived in Baoyun Road in Mid-Levels a few months ago. It refers to the LED signboards of financial institutions that harass the dwellings, and their sons mistakenly think it is lightning. Friends of the Earth said that companies use environmentally friendly LED lights in the name of environmental protection, but their beams are more concentrated and more glaring, causing more serious light pollution.

In order to promote the company to turn off advertising and decorative lights in the middle of the night, Friends of the Earth invited more than 40 companies to sign the "Lights and Lights Charter" last year. Recently, 19 of them were visited, and they found that there are no technical problems in implementing the Charter, and 95% of enterprises are even more concerned. Lights have not affected business performance and can also reduce costs. Zheng Sizhen said that Friends of the Earth has launched the first light pollution Google Map "light harvesting" website ( in Hong Kong to enable the public to report through the online platform.

In response, the Highways Department admitted that it had received complaints and that the Department would relocate street lights, switch to darker light bulbs or use hoods as the actual situation may be. A spokesman for the LCSD said that some of its facilities will be open 24 hours a day. The Department will carry out energy conservation under the premise of security and will follow up complaints from residents to ensure that the lighting system does not affect residents.

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