Stanley Electric developed an ultraviolet LED using a glass package and demonstrated it on "CEATEC JAPAN 2010". Since an inorganic material is used as the encapsulating material, performance deterioration due to ultraviolet rays is small, and the life of the module is prolonged as compared with the case of using a resin material. Stanley Electric hopes to exploit the use of LEDs in harsh environments (such as high temperatures and humidity). The appearance is to install an ultraviolet LED chip on the filament portion of the bulb, and then add the shape of the glass cover. According to Stanley Electric, the inside of the glass cover, that is, the ultraviolet LED chip is in a vacuum state.

The emission wavelength was 375 nm. The forward current is 20 mA and the forward voltage is 3.3V. The optical output power is 6mW. According to Stanley Electric, although it is still in the development stage, it has been introduced to customers. At the time of the demonstration, in addition to the prototypes on which the UV LED chips were mounted, prototypes for mounting red, green and blue LED chips were also exhibited.

Glass-encapsulated UV LED

0.8Mm Pin Header 

Antenk 0.8mm Pitch Male Header series is a fine pitch, low profile, single/dual/three/four row, PCB mounted connector set intended for limited space applications or where total weight is a factor. Our specially tooled insulators and contacts maintain consistent high quality through our automated production processes. Each series is available in thru-hole PCB or SMT mounting and plated tin, gold or selective gold as specified.

0.8mm Pin Header Options

Number of Rows

Number of Positions
2 Position
3 Position
4 Position
5 Position
6 Position
8 Position
10 Position
12 Position
14 Position
15 Position
16 Position
17 Position
20 Position

Termination Style
Through Hole

Mounting Angle
Right Angle 

0.8mm Pin Header Specifications:

Material: Standard Hi-Temp insulator: Nylon 6T, rated UL94V-0
Insulator Color: Black
Contacts: Phosphor Bronze
U = Gold over nickel underplate
SG = Gold over nickel underplate on
contact area, tin over copper underplate on tails.
T = Tin over copper underplate overall.
Operating voltage: 250V AC max.
Current rating: 1 Amp max
Contact resistance: 20 mΩ max. initial
Insulation resistance: 5000 MΩ min.
Dielectric withstanding voltage: 1000V AC for 1 minute
Mating durability: 500 cycles min.
Temperature Ratings: Operating temperature: -40°C to +105°C
Max process temp: 230°C for 30 ~ 60 seconds (260°C for 10 seconds)
Soldering process temperature: 260°C

Anti-ESD plastic bags or tubes

Approvals and Certifications:
UL Recognized File no. E224053

0.8mm Male Header

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