DisplaySearch analysts pointed out on October 17 that due to the oversupply of LCD panels in the third quarter of this year, panel prices have fallen sharply. It is expected that the price of LED TVs will fall by twice that of CCFL LCD TVs in the fourth quarter, and more than 50% of LCDs will be available next year. TV shipments will be LED TVs. Among them, the Asia-Pacific market represented by China will become the main driving force for the increase of LED TV share.

The analyst pointed out that the cost of the LED screen (liquid crystal panel + LED backlight module) fell, which will enable domestic color TV manufacturers to continue to shift the technology of their LCD TV production line from the older CCFL technology to LED technology. On the 17th of October, Zhou Kun, deputy general manager of Nanjing CLP Panda Home Appliances Co., revealed that the price of LED screens was lowered by about 13% in October.

In addition, DisplaySearch analysts also said that because Apple's iPad is hot, so that more domestic electronics manufacturers enter the field of tablet computers, and increased the demand for projected capacitive touch LCD panels, which is expected to be from 5 inch to 10.2 inch touch panels this year. Total shipments will reach 19.5 million.

This year, the global production of touch panels will reach 7.9 million square meters, and will exceed 10 million square meters next year. The monthly production capacity (in three inches) is estimated to reach 296 million pieces in 2010, and the monthly production capacity is expected to exceed 391 million pieces next year.

Li-Ion Battery With Smbus refers to the battery datas can be collect through equipments based on SMBUS data communication, it usually applied to the military grade battery which need higher safety level protection .but as these battery have SMBUS inside ,it also should meet these requirements as :

1.The rated voltage is high (the operating voltage of the unit is 3.7v or 3.2v), which is about equal to the series voltage of three nickel-cadmium or nickel-hydrogen charging batteries, so as to form the battery power supply group

2.The self-discharge rate is very low, which is one of the most prominent advantages of the battery. At present, it can reach less than 1% per month, less than 1/20 of the nickel hydrogen battery.

14.8V Li-ion Battery With SMBUS

Items                                  specification

Charge voltage  :                   16.8V

Nominal voltage :                   14.8V  (4S4P)

Initial impedance :                   200mΩ

Nominal capacity:                    10.4Ah

Minimum capacity :                  10.0Ah

Communication methods :        SMBUS data communication

Charge current : Standard Charging::0.5C5A (5.20A

                                Rapid charge 1.0C5A C(10.4A) Max

Standard Charging method:  5.20A(0.5C5A) CC(constant current)charge to 16.8V,then CV(constant voltage 16.8V)charge till charge current decline to ≤104mA(≈0.01C5A)

Charging time: Standard Charging:4.5hours(Ref.)

             Rapid charge:   2.5 hours(Ref.)

Max.discharge current: 10.4A(1.0C5A)

Discharge cut-off voltage: 11.0V

Shelf life:  2 years

Cycle life (0.2C5A/0.2C5A) : 500 times,≧80%DOD; 500 times,≧80%DOD


Li-ion Battery With SMBUS

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