TSMC (2330) The new business development department recently recruited Lin Yanliang, former general manager of Pei Xin Semiconductor, a equipment factory of Hon Hai Group (2317), as the director of the LED lighting division of the new business development department.

It is understood that Lin Yanliang was the general manager of Pei Xin in October 2004. Before serving as Pei Xin, he served as the sales director of Applied Materials in the semiconductor equipment factory. During his tenure as general manager of Pei Xin Semiconductor, he also led Pei. Xin has transformed from the production of semiconductor equipment to the LED lighting market. Interpretation from the industry, Lin Yanliang transferred to TSMC and served as the head of the LED department. It is based on the experience and expertise of LED lighting in the past.

It is reported that TSMC's new business development department currently has about 200 people. With the official launch of LED and solar energy business in 2011, it will continue to recruit troops. Of TSMC’s $5.9 billion in capital expenditures in 2010, 79% will be invested in advanced processes, 13% will be invested in mature processes, 8% will be in research and development expenditures, and another $100 million will be invested in new businesses (solar and LED), Solar and LED manufacturers are potentially threatening.

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