At present, Hangzhou has established a low-carbon fund with a capital of 5 billion yuan. At this stage, the Hangzhou Municipal Committee is preparing for the “Twelfth Five-Year Low Carbon City Development Plan of Hangzhou City”. It is expected to be completed in June, and the plan is expected to become China's first low carbon city plan.

In 2008, Hangzhou took the lead in China to propose the goal of building a “low carbon city”. Hangzhou is in a new phase of per capita GDP from 10,000 US dollars to 20,000 US dollars, and has already established the economic foundation for building a "low carbon city."

The application of LED lighting is a good example. LEDs save about 50% more energy than energy-saving lamps, and their service life is more than 8 times that of general lighting. It is reported that in the "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" LED application project in Hangzhou, the canal lighting is one of the key contents of the comprehensive protection project of the canal. According to the design of French designer Rogge, the Hangzhou Canal lights all adopt LED, with blue-green light as the keynote, highlighting the intention of “water”, and strive to become a world-class lighting tourism product.

Zinc Alloy Phone Ring Holder

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Zinc Alloy Phone Ring Holder

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