Relevant experts have recently compiled nine technical specifications on LED road lighting. These specifications will provide a strong guarantee for the city's "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles" demonstration project. This is what the reporter learned from yesterday's promotion of “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities”, a total of energy-saving lighting and LED indoor lighting design and application seminars.

Xiamen is one of the first 21 pilot cities in the country's “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities”. Experts including Ye Rongnan, a professor-level senior engineer of the Xiamen Optoelectronics Industry Association, have organized the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” Standards Expert Group from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau in 2009, and compiled the “Technical Specifications for LED Road Lighting” and “LED”. 9 related technical specifications such as road lighting driving power supply technical specifications, covering a series of technical requirements and quality supervision methods including LED lighting system, core light source, driving power supply device, engineering construction, sampling and acceptance. These technical specifications are also the first complete set of systematic and standardized LED lighting technical normative documents.

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