Yesterday, the first phase project of the Guangdong New Light Source Industrial Base Core Park, covering an area of ​​1,500 mu and investing 300 million yuan, laid the foundation and started construction in Luohai, Nanhai. The park will gather enterprises, universities, research and development units, industrial alliances and other institutions with the intention of leading the beads. The development of the triangular electric light source industry. Experts pointed out that in the future, LED lighting equipment is expected to enter the homes of ordinary people.

It is understood that the park will take the lead in launching the construction of four science and technology buildings with a total construction area of ​​about 20,000 square meters. The four science and technology buildings are expected to be completed and put into use in March next year. The industry technology innovation center, SME incubator accelerator and industrial public service platform will be set up inside. It will have a prototype in the year.

Through cooperation with institutions of higher learning and well-known scientific research institutions, the park will integrate new technology bases and enterprise technology research and development institutions, production and research cooperation bases and productivity promotion centers in the surrounding areas, and establish a technological innovation system for the entire industry to solve enterprises. Product development, industrial design and technological innovation needs.

It is reported that the top 50 green lighting enterprises stationed in the new light source core park will receive the rent subsidy granted by the Nanhai District Government. Earlier, the Nanhai District Government said it would invest 2 billion yuan to support the development of the green lighting industry.

"At present, the price of LED lighting equipment is relatively high, and the cost per watt is more than 20 pieces, which is difficult to enter the ordinary citizens' home." Li Yaozhen, director of the Guangzhou Institute of Electronic Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that after the industrial park was built, the South China Sea will be in the next few years. In the LED chip technology, it will be greatly developed, which will reduce the cost of LED and gradually become popular. The development of chip technology will also extend the life of the product, in line with the requirements of the green economy and low carbon economy.


The Luocun New Light Source Industry Base, which was laid in yesterday, intends to become a first-class and internationally competitive industrial base in China. However, there are not many new light source projects in the province. In September last year, the new high-tech application base of Guangdong Province was settled in Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City.

"Zhongshan's traditional advantageous industry is lighting, and the light source is in Luocun. There must be competition, but Luocun's development of LED lighting has inherent advantages." Zhou Yingdong, secretary general of the Guangdong Zhaozhao Semiconductor Lighting Professional Committee, said that Luo Cun is in traditional light source. The aspect is the strongest in the country. Its development of LED lighting has a strong industrial base, and the nearby Huanan electric light source lighting city has obvious advantages in the province.

However, Zhou Yingdong pointed out that Nanhai Light Source is still dominated by traditional lighting enterprises. Many enterprises are holding a wait-and-see attitude or a doubtful attitude toward the transformation and upgrading of new light sources. This is a problem in industrial development.

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