In terms of LED street lighting, LED street lamps have great advantages in comparison with traditional lamps in terms of light efficiency, life and energy saving. The brightness of LED lamps is 30% to 50% higher than that of fluorescent lamps, and the energy consumption is 50% of fluorescent lamps. 10% of incandescent lamps. Taking 98W LED street lamp as an example, the lighting effect is equivalent to 250W high-pressure nano lamp, and the service life is 50,000 hours, which is more than ten times that of high-pressure mercury lamp. In a medium-sized city, if there are 300,000 street lamps, if all LED street lamps are used, it can save 300 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, which is equivalent to saving more than 100,000 tons of standard coal. According to the current development trend, the global street lamp market in 2008 was 181 million baht, an annual increase of 5% to 6%. China's road lighting was about 28 million 2009 in 2009, and the annual increase and replacement of street lamps will reach 3 million to 4 million baht. The occupancy rate of LED street lamps is less than 0.5%, and there is huge room for future development. As the country expands domestic demand and urbanization, the demand for lighting products will continue to expand, which will provide a power “engine” for the development of the semiconductor lighting industry, and various semiconductor lighting demonstration projects, such as “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities”. Pilot demonstration application engineering and various semiconductor landscape lighting demonstration projects will also provide good development opportunities for the semiconductor lighting industry.

Mini Speaker:


Mini speaker is a kind of speaker unit which is used for multimedia devices. Multimedia Speakers have loud sound, wide frequency response range and rich bass.


Our main multimedia speakers are full ranges speakers units:

1)    From the diameter: we have speakers in 1" ~ 3".

2)    From the power output, we have speakers of 2W ~ 15W.

 multimedia speaker

multimedia speaker


Q1. What is the MOQ?
XDEC: 2000pcs for one model.
Q2. What is the delivery lead time?
XDEC: 20 days for normal orders, 15 days for urgent orders. 
Q3. What are the payment methods?
XDEC: T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram. 
Q4. Can you offer samples for testing?
XDEC: Yes, we offer free samples. 
Q5. How soon can you send samples?
XDEC: We can send samples in 3-5 days.

Mini Speaker

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