Recently, the Shanghai World Expo, which has attracted worldwide attention, was officially unveiled. The fascinating performances at the opening ceremony, the beautiful fireworks on the banks of the Huangpu River, let people have a good aftertaste. The Expo Park, which records human technology and civilization, has also opened a gorgeous curtain in the expectation of thousands of people. The various exhibition halls of the World Expo have unveiled the mysterious veil to show the charming face to the public. Various energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies are also being transmitted to the world through the platform of the World Expo, showing the beauty of the future of the city. Visitors are enjoying the breathtaking architectural design while enjoying the greenness of the Expo building. How to absorb the advanced green technology in the Expo Park and promote the green building concept to the wider scope of the construction field has become a hot spot in the construction industry, real estate and other related industries.


Innovative technology event leads the development of building greening

On the eve of the trial operation of the Expo, Expo Technology and Green Building: A Forum on Promoting the Sustainable Development of Low-Carbon Cities was held at the Wyndham Grand Plaza Hotel in Shanghai, from the leadership of government departments, designers of the Expo venues, real estate development companies, The design unit and representatives of well-known enterprises in the field of building energy conservation at home and abroad participated in the special forum to discuss the innovative green technology adopted in the Expo. On the first day of the trial operation, the organizers turned their ideas into a reality. The guests were invited to enter the Expo site and had close contact with the unique Expo buildings. During this low-carbon tour of the Expo, the guests saw the true meaning of the Expo building and experienced the energy-saving and environmental protection brought by the innovation technology in the Expo.

At present, the construction industry is evolving towards the trend of green energy conservation. Accelerating the application of energy-saving and environmental protection technologies for existing buildings and new buildings is an important part of the future green development of the construction industry. As a grand event of world innovation and technology, the Expo Park has demonstrated the connotation of the Green Expo with advanced energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies. Many Expo buildings will become a model of green architecture and lead the trend of energy-saving renovation of buildings. At the Expo Science and Green Building Forum, Tang Shifang, deputy director of the Bureau of Technology of the Expo Bureau, introduced the energy-saving ecological technology applications in the Expo site, such as: solar energy development and utilization, clean energy vehicles, river water sources and ground source heat pump technology. , semiconductor lighting and energy-saving equipment, eco-efficient building technology, the latest information technology applications, as well as waste reduction, harmless, resource technology. These technologies represent the advanced technology in the world today and are forward-looking. They represent the development direction of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies in the future and are worthy of reference and promotion in the construction industry.

On the platform of the World Expo, which is the world's top innovation technology, Philips Lighting has illuminated the construction of the Expo Park with industry-leading professional and reliable lighting technology. As the world's leading lighting equipment supplier, Philips actively promotes and promotes the overall development of green buildings, and provides a complete set of high-efficiency light sources, low-power ballasts, high-efficiency lamps, and convenient and intelligent control systems for the building sector. High quality and energy saving lighting solutions. In the Expo Center, the Expo Theme Pavilion, the Expo Axis and Underground Complex, the Shanghai Eco-House and many national pavilions, Philips Lighting's humanized and intelligent lights shine through it, and the city is lit through the window of the World Expo. Green light.

Low Carbon Tour: Exploring the Footprints of Green Light

The Expo Center, which is simple and succinct, will undertake important functions such as operation command center, celebration conference center and news center in the World Expo, and will become an important conference center in Shanghai in the future. The green low-carbon of the Expo Center is another significant sign. It is reported that it is the only large-scale green low-carbon public building in China that is implemented under the dual control of China's Samsung Standard and the US LEED Gold Award. It is the world's leading public building green. The model, in the process of its construction, achieved energy conservation, environmental protection and emission reduction of buildings through innovation and technology. With high-quality products and innovative technology, Philips Lighting has provided a complete lighting solution for the Expo Center. With Philips high-power white LEDs, the Expo Center has become the first representative high-space all-LED indoor lighting project. The Expo Center uses Philips LED CREE light source. LED particles not only have high brightness but also very good particle saturation, high luminous efficiency and durability. And the LED particles are arranged according to the warm and cold color phase. According to the needs of the meeting scene, the color temperature and brightness can be adjusted through the control system to realize the continuous change from warm white light to cool white light. When holding major conferences at home and abroad, different control The model will bring different lighting effects to the Office of Government Affairs. The 2,500 sets of customized Philips high-brightness LED strip lamps used in the Expo Center are compact and compact, and can be installed in a small lamp socket to achieve a lighting effect that is only visible without light. Moreover, after repeated experiments, the light fixtures in the light box are more evenly mixed, and achieve continuous and uninterrupted lighting effects, avoiding the shadows that are easy to appear when the lamps are connected, and ensuring that the lights are always bright and uniform during the conference.

The Shanghai Eco-Home in the Urban Best Practice Area of ​​Puxi Park is an eco-smart house full of energy-saving wisdom. The ideal living environment of human beings will lead the development of future residential buildings. In the living room of the three-story home on the second floor of the eco-home, the three-story three-story living room and the four-story living room, Philips Lighting's innovative lighting solutions showcase the green and comfortable future urban living culture, advanced Philips LED solid-state lighting solutions: iColor Cove, Master LED and other intimately create atmosphere according to people's mood and different scenes; stylish and unique Philips home lighting: Kidsplace, EcoMoods, Ledino, etc. make home more beautiful and stylish; intelligent Philips lighting control system Dynalite, etc., also has the flexibility to adjust the light changes. Philips uses high-efficiency, low-energy, and easy-to-use lighting to bring more joy and warmth to the family, so that the elderly and children can get more care, and the future of home life is outlined by the concept of healthy, comfortable and quality life.

Entering the West Exhibition Hall of the Expo Theme Pavilion, the spacious hall has no columns for visitors to open their eyes. It is a pillarless model in the contemporary pavilion. The unique architectural design has created a new miracle in the pavilion. In the hall, Philips Lighting's high-quality lighting products show this huge magical space brighter and more transparent. The museum uses 1200 sets of Philips Green Flagship high ceiling lighting HPK888, which has won the IF International Design Award. The lamp has high quality materials, precise structure and distinctive performance. Its beautiful appearance and high energy efficiency make it Visitors feel comfortable and make maintenance easier and more convenient.

The energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies that shine on the Expo's innovative and technological stage will become the green highlights of this world-famous event. They will also lead the green transformation of the construction industry, so that more green buildings bring health and comfort to people's lives. The theme of the 2010 World Expo is that cities make life better. And energy saving makes the city a better place. Shanghai World Expo has shown people's innovative ideas and designs from all over the world. The green innovation technology in this world event will also become the dream of future urban development and define the future city appearance together with these Expo buildings. An indispensable element. (Editor: Cheng Xiang)

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