Foshan LED industry has made great gains in light source and packaging production. The industry has begun to call for the Foshan LED industry to accelerate its downward application of technology and become the capital of LED lighting.

“Foshan, while vigorously supporting the development of LED light source enterprises, must pay more attention to LED lamps and support the development of LED's entire industrial chain.” Wu Yulin, general manager of Foshan Kaixiou Lighting Design Co., Ltd. said.

It is reported that Foshan Lighting Association, which is jointly established by more than 90 lighting enterprises in Foshan, will be formally established next month, with a view to holding a group attack and seize the opportunity of LED lighting application market.

LED lighting era opportunities are not to be missed

The LED boom is in the ascendant in China, and Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Shandong and other provinces and cities have set up high-profile LED industry bases to attract investment, and the rapid layout of the Pearl River Delta...

The Pearl River Delta has always been the most famous production base for light sources and lamps in China. In the current LED industry chain, the two areas of high-power packaging and lighting applications have the highest profits. At present, 70% of the LED industry in the country is concentrated in the Pearl River Delta, and the manufacturing chain of traditional lighting in Guangdong is also quite strong, which lays a solid foundation for the future extension of the LED industry chain.

Under the leadership of leading enterprises such as Foshan Lighting and Xuelaite Optoelectronics, Foshan has become one of the largest production bases of point light sources in China. There are more than 230 enterprises above designated size in the city, with a total industrial output value of more than 20 billion yuan, from chip research and equipment manufacturing. The entire industrial chain of semiconductor lighting, LED epitaxial wafer and chip manufacturing, high-power packaging, application product development, pilot and production, product testing and market circulation has taken shape.

"Foshan LED light source industry is entering a period of rapid development. In the LED lighting application market, can the Foshan lighting industry take this opportunity to skyrocket?" Some people in the Foshan lighting industry threw such a topic in an interview with the Nanfang Daily.

The huge profit margin of the LED lighting application market has made the industry people feel excited. In the ancient town of Zhongshan, local enterprises have established 20 provincial, municipal and enterprise technology centers to promote the LED lighting industry. Transforming from traditional lighting to mid- to high-end LED lighting. . "In the initial estimation, the lighting company purchases 1 yuan of LED light source for lighting, the output value is at least 5 yuan, and even can reach 20 yuan." Wu Yulin, general manager of Foshan Kaixiou Lighting Design Co., Ltd. told reporters .

“In the design of table lamps, the cost of traditional table lamps itself is not high, but the creative design has made many lamps more expensive, and LEDs have further expanded the new design space for the entire product.” Wu Yulin said, LED as the future The dominant light source of illumination has different characteristics compared with the original traditional light source. Its application can cause the industry to re-understand the lighting design, such as atmosphere and happiness.

Some people in the industry have suggested that in the era of traditional lighting, Foshan is the top light source enterprise in China, but it has not been able to go further in the lighting industry. When the LED lighting era is approaching, we should not miss the opportunity again, but strive to become the "LED lighting capital".

Integrate resources for development

The current status of the Foshan lighting industry is that some small and medium-sized lighting companies are in the disorderly competition of price wars.

"With the status of the top light source enterprise of Foshan, we believe that the future of Foshan LED lighting industry will be bigger and stronger." Zhu Xinzhi, secretary general of Foshan Lighting Association, said.

In a series of realistic situations, the Foshan Lighting Association came into being and will be officially established in June this year. The association will provide staff for government decision-making, introduce world-class technology, and strengthen industry exchanges to avoid vicious competition.

“The lighting products not only contain various electric light sources, but also plastic, aluminum alloy and stainless steel accessories, chips, transformers, etc.” Zhu Xinzhi said that the association has absorbed 90 different parts of the Foshan five-zone lighting industry chain. Home companies, including National Star Optoelectronics, Guangdong Zhaoxin and Blue Arrow Electronics and other suppliers of electric light sources, lighting and spare parts suppliers, will also join the dealers to join the company to form a complete industrial chain.

Wu Yulin believes that the lighting industry has a considerable foundation in Foshan. The key is to integrate resources to seek a win-win situation. "Now it is not a bargain for a piece of cloth, but a fashion exhibition. The establishment of an association can effectively integrate industry resources. ."

It is understood that the association aims to promote the mining, concentration and integration of information and resources of all parties in Foshan lighting industry, and cultivate the market for lighting demand. At the same time, we conduct research on the development of the same industry at home and abroad, participate in product exhibitions and orders in the industry, and provide enterprises with information and business consulting on technology, economy and management at home and abroad.

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