Guolu Solar Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized as “Qualified Supplier of Solar Cell Modules” by China Renewable Energy Development Project Office in August 2004; it was recognized as “Fujian High-tech Enterprise” by Fujian Science and Technology Department in December 2004; 2007 In June of this year, the “Solar LED Street Light, Solar LED Garden Light, Solar Power Supply System” produced by the company was listed as the 2007 Fujian Province Construction Science and Technology Achievement Promotion Project.

It is such a company that has achieved great results in the field of solar lights. The reporter interviewed Cui Fucai, the general manager of his company's Guzhen office in Zhongshan City. When asked about his business ideas, Cui always calmly told reporters: "The lamp is also a person. I am using my conscience to make lights."

Cui Fucai said that Guolu Solar has an annual production capacity of 10 million watts of silicon solar panel production equipment and workshops. The main raw materials for the production of "solar battery modules" are from Italy, Japan and Germany. The products are tested by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is tested in the 18th Research Institute of Tianjin, China, and has the characteristics of long life and resistance to harsh environments (can still work normally under the conditions of 30 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius, high humidity and wild environment), and is suitable for various environments. However, in different environments, due to different climatic conditions, such as the North and South, the materials used in the panels are different. Should I use a liquid battery or a gel battery? What is the ratio of the battery board? The customer does not understand. Some companies use customers' lack of understanding of products, often cut corners; or blindly sell high-priced products, regardless of whether it is suitable for customers, will not cause waste of resources.

Cui Fucai also calculated a book with the reporter, the most expensive of the solar products is the solar cell. If enterprises cut corners on solar cells, they will save 600 yuan for every 20 watts of light reduction. This is extremely impressive. Therefore, many companies abandon professional ethics and deceive customers. This happens to be a deep hate of the National Green. Customers who purchase National Green products can not only get assured products, but also actively recommend them to them after they understand the geographical situation of their customers, and ensure that their customers are worthwhile.

When talking about the prospects of the company, Cui Fucai said with a smile that solar energy, as an environmentally friendly energy source, has great development prospects. Moreover, our company has received strong support from the government. Under the support of the policy, we are full of confidence and enthusiasm.
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