Invisible cat intelligent monitor monitor and alarm function

Traditional car anti-theft alarms usually emit an alarm sound when the car is illegally invaded. However, the smart car monitor called "Invisible Cat" that the reporter saw at the high-tech fair can not only emit an alarm sound, but also The image of the illegal intruder is automatically captured and transmitted to the owner's mobile phone.

"Invisible Cat" is composed of a sensor and a small camera. After installation, it can automatically turn on the anti-theft alarm function after the car is turned off. The intelligent sensor is used to detect the vehicle status in real time. When the vehicle is found to be in an abnormal state such as vibration, movement or illegal invasion, The alarm message will be sent to the user's mobile phone in time, and the sound and light alarm, power off, and fuel cut will be stopped at the same time, preventing the normal operation of the vehicle. Use mobile network to realize remote alarm, and use intelligent invisible camera to transmit the image of illegal intruder to the owner's mobile phone. The owner can issue a command through the mobile phone to obtain the real-time status of the vehicle. It can also save all kinds of real-time information and images in the alarm state for investigation and analysis. Shenzhen Anxin Digital Development Company Zhang Shiting introduced to reporters that when a car owner encounters personal danger, they can send a warning message to the company by pressing a button on the device. The company promptly calls 110 to provide an effective way for car owners to seek help .

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