Qualcomm announces that Chief Operating Officer Raul resigned as CEO of another company

According to reports on foreign websites, American wireless chip maker Qualcomm announced on Thursday that its chief operating officer Len Lauer has resigned and will join another company as CEO. But Qualcomm did not disclose the specific details of Raul's new company.

Qualcomm Chief Operating Officer Len Lauer

Qualcomm Chief Operating Officer Len Lauer

After Sanjay Jha resigned from Qualcomm's COO position last year and went to Motorola as co-CEO, Raul took over the position. He joined Qualcomm in 2006. He previously worked for Sprint Nextel for 8 years and also served as COO.

At Qualcomm Raul, the department focused on mobile content, services and emerging display technologies. Qualcomm said that now the MEMS technology department will be headed by Executive Vice President Steve Mollenkopf. Other service departments will report to the company's president Steve Altman (Steve Altman).

Qualcomm's stock price rose 15 cents that day, closing at 46.10 US dollars / share, an increase of 0.33%.

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