3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motor control solution

Motor control is not as simple as turning on or off a switch, especially the 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors and permanent magnet asynchronous motors commonly used in industrial robots. How to reliably and stably control the speed of these motors is currently A problem faced by many designers? The motor control solution introduced in this article can easily realize the acceleration-deceleration control of the motor in any direction.

Motor Control-Solved is a motor control solution developed by Cyan Technology based on its eCOG1 16-bit embedded microcontroller, which can be used to drive 3-phase brushless DC (BLDC) motors and permanent magnet asynchronous motors (PMSM). The solution provides a turnkey motor speed control technology solution that includes operating instructions, a modular software package, and a hardware reference design.

BLDC motors and PMSM motors are currently widely used in various consumer products and industrial control applications. The high efficiency and linear speed / torque characteristics of these motors can be used to stabilize and adjust the speed of the motor.

eCOG1X is a 16-bit microcontroller with rich peripherals and low power consumption, which is very suitable for embedded motor control applications. It has many peripherals suitable for motor control, which allows the processor core of the microcontroller to control the motor as long as it runs very simple code. The integrated flexible multi-channel PWM timer module can directly control the power of the motor, making it possible to drive all four quadrants, and realize the acceleration-deceleration control of the motor in any direction. eCOG1X also has a fast ADC conversion function, implements a synchronous sampling hardware trigger signal, and monitors phase voltage and stator current. The input capture timer can be used for Hall position sensor signal sampling.

The modular software package and hardware reference design constitute a complete motor control technical solution. Only a few software parameters need to be adjusted, and the hardware design using eCOG1X can be easily transplanted to larger motor control applications. Regardless of the motor power, the core of the motor control software can remain unchanged. Its applications include white goods (such as washing machines, refrigerator compressors) control and industrial motor control.

The eCOG1 series of 16-bit embedded microcontrollers have on-chip flash memory and a highly flexible peripheral clock structure with ultra-low power consumption unique to Cyan. The chip has many excellent technical properties, including: instruction cache, external storage space interface, host mode interface with DMA, and a series of timers and serial interfaces.

eCOG1k has 64KB flash memory space and 4KB SRAM space. eCOG1X is a high-performance extension based on eCOG1K. It has up to 512KB of flash memory space and 24KB of SRAM space. It also has advanced peripheral interface functions, including: an on-chip USB controller and an Ethernet MAC layer. eCOG1kG fully complies with RoHS environmental protection requirements and can be used to replace eCOG1K, but the performance is exactly the same. All user-oriented technical documents on eCOG1k are fully applicable to eCOG1kG.

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