Recently, Apple Corps publicly sued Samsung in the United States, saying that it infringed the iPhone and iPad patents. Behind the lawsuit is more IT and mobile phone giants to join the Tablet PC market battle, iPad-induced flat-panel boom has impacted the traditional PC, netbooks and e-books and other products sales.

(Reporter Xue Song) The Apple iPad was a success in the past year and almost monopolized the entire tablet market. However, a large number of manufacturers are still entering this market. In terms of quantity, there are only dozens of tablet computers listed on the market last year. This year's tablet computers have reached hundreds of models. In April of this year, Samsung, Acer, Motorola and other four heavyweight tablet PCs were listed in the country.

In order to maintain its market advantage, on the one hand, Apple has used price advantage to cut sales to repel competitors. On the other hand, Apple has waved patents on its followers, alleging that Samsung plagiarized the appearance, design, packaging, and customer interfaces of its products, and infringed on patented copyrights and trademarks.

According to reporters in some computer cities in Guangzhou, the starting price of many Android tablet computers is already lower than the iPad's entry price of 499 US dollars, and the minimum price of Asus and Acer Tablet PCs that are preparing for listing ranges from 279 US dollars to 449 US dollars. It is expected that the new generation of flat-rate tablet PCs will not only correct the phenomenon of erroneous prices in the market, but will likely have a price war this year.

Impact: Impact on sales of PCs and e-books has been impacted by smartphones and tablets such as iphones and ipads. In the first quarter of this year, global sales of PCs (personal computers) declined for the first time in three years. Many industry players expect that domestic first-tier cities The PC market share may be overtaken by smartphones and tablets.

In the long run, tablets will continue to erode the traditional PC market share. In the short term, the electronic book equipment has been more strongly impacted. Hanwang Technology released a performance forecast yesterday that in the first quarter or a loss of nearly RMB 50 million, the performance loss was mainly due to the electronic book industry being hit by related products such as tablet PCs.

Analysis: Tablet PC Will Replace PC

Will tablets eventually replace netbooks, e-book readers or even low-end laptops? The mainstream view is that the functional enhancement of the tablet computer has a certain impact on other terminals, but it does not replace other terminals.

Consumers usually consider buying a tablet only after they have a desktop or laptop. People value the tablet mainly for their portability.