PlayBook rated by well-known critics: rush to market The RIM PlayBook tablet has already been "bombarded" by a number of influential tech industry commentators. These critics claim that this latest Apple iPad competitor is rushed by RIM and cannot even provide RIM with privilege. Email service unless you connect it to your BlackBerry.

Sina Technology reported that “New York Times” science and technology columnist David Pogue wrote in an article Thursday: “RIM has just started selling a BlackBerry product that cannot provide email services. It must be the ski season in hell.”

RIM's e-mail service is very well-reputed. The company said that the service is so secure that RIM won't succumb to the government's monitoring of SMS requests, which has earned it a reputation among prominent individuals in the business, defense, and political fields. Favor. For the PlayBook, which is being offered by North American retailers on Tuesdays, the tablet is currently only able to provide email services when connected to a BlackBerry. RIM said that e-mail and other services will be launched later.

Walt Mossberg, chief science columnist at the Wall Street Journal, also said that the PlayBook "has given me a strong impression that this product is being put on the market between RIM's rush."

This pessimistic tone from industry commentators seems to have hit RIM's share price. In regular trading on the Nasdaq stock market on Thursday, RIM shares fell 1.7% to close at 53.92 US dollars, setting the lowest closing price since October 25 last year.