The street lights on the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge should not be replaced with energy-saving lamps (reported on the previous day A01 version and yesterday's A02 version), not only attracted the attention of readers, but also caused the attention of the street lamp management department. Yesterday, relevant officials of the Wuhan Streetlight Branch stated that when deciding whether to change lights, the views of the public will be taken into full consideration.

In the past two days, a large number of citizens expressed their opinions via telephone or e-mail. On the websites of, Da, and Chutian Metropolitan Network, netizens are also highly concerned about this matter. As of 18:00 yesterday, there were more than 9,000 Internet users participating in the survey.

According to relevant sources in Wuhan Street Lamp Branch, the use of LED lamps is a development trend in terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, but related technologies are yet to be further matured. At present, LED lights are only used in small sections of the city, but it is not suitable for use on the Yangtze River Bridge. At present, they are trying LED lights on the bridge. During the trial period, they will not only examine the brightness, light color, and cost performance of the lamp, but also consider the degree of acceptance of the public, such as whether the driver will feel that the light source is insufficient, and will have no impact on the night driving safety.

It is understood that after the trial period ends, the street lighting department will submit a complete report to the municipal construction commission. The Construction Committee will also solicit expert opinions for this, and finally it will be confirmed that the street lights on the Yangtze River Bridge will not change.