TV market sales fell, 3D TV market has shown a momentum of development, penetration continues to rise. A recent investigation by the reporter found that under the concerted efforts of color TV companies, 3D TV products have become increasingly rich, prices have continued to decline, and the pace of product adoption continues to accelerate.

Aowei Consulting statistics show that in the 12th week of 2011 (March 14 to March 20), the retail penetration rate of 3D TV reached 5%, and the penetration rate of retail sales was as high as 12%, among which, 3D LED TV and 3D ordinary LCD The sales ratio of TVs and 3D plasma TVs is 65:26:9, and 3D TV sales mainly come from large-size 3D LED TVs.

At the same time, the color TV market set off a new product war, “You sing and stop me”, domestic and foreign color TV giants have bet 3D TV. On March 30th, Skyworth held simultaneous new product launches in 7 cities including Beijing, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Nanjing, Changsha, Hangzhou, and Chengdu, and launched the Smart 3D Android TV. On March 31, Konka held a grand launch of the joint conference of 3D new products and online 3D videos of the network health and health of Konka in Shanghai, and launched 5 series of 30 televisions.

The price of 3D TVs has also gone down repeatedly. After the Spring Festival, Skyworth's new 3D TV K08RD series is priced at the same size as ordinary LCD TVs of the same size. Konka is pulling the price of a 42-inch 3D TV to 3,999 yuan. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of its founding, TCL launched a large-scale Thanksgiving storm across the country from April 9th ​​to 17th, and 50 million Yuan Hao Li gave it away to give back to consumers. During the event, TCL’s latest technology crystallized – progressive 3D smart Internet TV dropped by 2,000 yuan; the flagship product of the 30-year celebration model P6100 series participated across the board. According to reports, this is a line-by-line 3D smart Internet TV using shutter technology. , Using a two-color injection molding process, equipped with 3D intelligence engine, can decode all 3D video formats currently available in the market, and uses a point-by-point analysis of 2D to 3D technology, users can convert 2D video into 3D effects, natural stereoscopic effect In addition, the 46-inch line-by-line 3D Internet LED TV in addition to the shocking price of 7990 yuan, can also receive a value of 600 yuan in super-gift spree; more valuable 1999 yuan 5.1-channel audio, 799 yuan linked to hot machine, 398 yuan Induction Cooker and other gifts.

According to He Qingyu, deputy director of the retail research department of the Ovid Consulting Tablet Center, prices have always been the most direct driving force for the transformation of the consumer electronics industry. The rapid decline in the price of 3D products has driven the average price of 3D LCD TVs to fall rapidly. The price ratios of 3D LED TVs and non-3D LED TVs have dropped below 2.0, which is one of the important reasons for the continuous increase in the proportion of 3D TVs.

At the same time, 3D products are gradually enriched, driving sales growth. It is understood that from the beginning to the present, 3DLED TVs have added 14 new products, accounting for 17% of new LED TVs. He Qingyu believes that there will be a large number of new 3D products before the May 1st, when the new product penetration rate will reach around 25%.

In addition, the lack of 3D film sources is also expected to be eased. Yao Yonghui, Director of the Institute of Radio, Film and Television Planning, SARFT, revealed that 3D TV has become the focal point of the SARFT in 2011, and CCTV will pilot 3D programs in 2011. The relevant work is currently under preparation.

In the area of ​​3D program sources, some companies recently reached agreements with companies such as Warner, Columbia Pictures, and DreamWorks to jointly launch more 3D films. The content vendors are seeking more breakthroughs on the film source, providing more resources for the movie screen and 3D channels to be launched in the future. This will play a crucial role in the real breakthrough of the 3D TV market capacity.