According to foreign media reports, a new technology in smart phone research is attracting attention. This technology can be used for Near Field Communications (NFC).

It is reported that NFC, an emerging technology, enables mobile phones to read (or write) information from everyday items (such as T-shirts and posters) that have embedded NFC chips. In addition, the technology can also promote "non-contact payment" mobile payment services, and is expected to promote the replacement of credit cards or debit cards by smart machines.

According to Juniper Research Institute, one-fifth of smart phones will use this technology in the next five years, with an initial estimate of approximately 300 million units. IT Pro reports that nearly half of these smart phones come from North America, so the North American mobile network will undoubtedly use this technology most widely, and Western Europe will soon become the second experimental field.

Given that most companies announced their intentions for near-field communications this year, the development of NFC will obviously accelerate. These companies include Everything Everywhere, O2, etc. Google has also planned to launch a Windows Phone 7 smartphone with NFC technology in the second half of this year in cooperation with Citigroup, Mastercard, and Microsoft.

However, Apple believes it is still too early to introduce NFC into the next generation of iPhones.