Japan is affected by the disaster and energy-saving issues are on the horizon. In addition to the government's power-restriction measures, the Japanese people’s awareness of power-saving has also skyrocketed, driving the rapid rise in the share of LED bulbs in Japan. LED energy-saving lamps in Japan are just around the corner.

The consciousness of "power saving" after the earthquake in Japan's citizens and businesses was surprising. Due to the power shortage, some shopping malls were closed; some convenience stores around Shibuya were also taking the initiative to not use electricity company calls, instead using their own power generation. At this time, energy saving and environmental protection LED bulbs are favored by the Japanese people.

LED lighting has four advantages: energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection, and long life. It consumes only 1/10 of the energy of a traditional incandescent lamp, and its lifetime is 100 times that of traditional incandescent lamps. In addition, Japan recently introduced an "online redemption" system, which is to obtain environmental protection points and redeem merchandise on the spot when purchasing targeted products for eco points. Second, when redeeming these environmental protection products in real time, a discount of 1 yen will be applied to the discount policy of 2 yen. As a result, you can instantly exchange 4,000 yen worth of LED bulbs with 2000 points. Attracted the majority of the market to actively participate in and jointly promote the development of LED lighting.

LED industry in Japan, Taiwan, Europe, the Americas, South Korea, China has different levels of penetration, but only Japan enjoys 50% of the share, the implementation of the global LED industry ears. The earthquake awakened people's awareness of energy conservation. Japan used practical actions to promote energy conservation and environmental protection, which greatly promoted the popularity of LED lighting and created a good development opportunity for the industry. Energy-saving lighting instead of general lighting is just around the corner.