iPad 2 went public and "fruit powder" cheered. However, China is not among the first batch of iPad 2 listed countries, which makes the domestic "fruit powder" itching, have to find businesses purchasing, high-priced purchase of love.

The seller hired people to line up to buy "IT Times" reporters to search for "iPad 2" on Taobao. The result was nearly one hundred pages. Businessmen can be described as riveting and have made iPad 2 bookings, stocks, and limited editions on their homepages. Attract crowds of crowds.

In fact, Taobao's reservation information on the iPad 2 was already very high at the beginning of this month, but at that time, the price was uncertain, and the owner did not report the actual price. They only charged the iPad 1 price. After the iPad 2 was officially released, online sellers were more emotional and went overseas to purchase goods. "Ipad 2 just on, the price is high, although the purchasing trouble is more, but can earn a little bit, wait for a long time, spread all over the goods to earn less." An online shop owner introduced, now the iPad 2's supply by The company itself or a supplier at a higher level will send people to the United States to buy directly. They will also hire people to line up at a headcount of $100 per person. "Although the cost has reached at least five or six thousand, the domestic one can sell it for ten thousand yuan." The reporter found that all Taobao stores that arrived on Monday or this Tuesday had their iPad 2 prices generally above 9,000, and prices began to slowly decline starting this Wednesday.

Another Taobao owner Zhang told reporters that they had already arranged for staff to go to the United States to line up and buy. “Specially go by plane, there are not many, only a dozen.” The reporter saw the 3G version of the 16G iPad 2 Black sold for 9800 yuan, white is the price of 10,000 yuan. With such a high price, there are still 4 people scheduled to buy, and have been waiting for half a month.

As of the time of the press release, some shops on Taobao have suspended the reception of the iPad 2. "The United States is already out of stock." It was the uniform reply given by the shopkeeper.

Shanghai's offline market is slightly calmer than online frenzy booking iPad 2 compared to Shanghai's physical store market appears calm. In the Xujiahui Pacific Computer Mall, merchant Lin told reporters iPad 2's market was not stable, and it was not certain when it was available. “Although the price is high, the profits are thinned down.” He said his shop is not scheduled for iPad 2 at the moment. The time of purchase is April.

The reporter learned from Mr. Zhang, another merchant at Bainaohui, that a store in Bainaohui had sold an iPad 2 up to 10,000 yuan on Sunday. "They only have two sets. They are all collected from foreigners. Each station increases the price by one to two thousand."

According to the information provided by Mr. Zhang, the reporter found the merchant who sold the first iPad 2, but did not see the iPad 2 at the counter. "We are all in the warehouse and will not be placed here. It's too expensive." Merchants gave quotes, WiFi version 16G 9300 yuan, 32G 10400 yuan, 64G 12100 yuan, "These are all black prices, white in the On this basis, add 300 yuan, we have goods in all versions of the two versions." However, when we learn that the amount of purchase is large, Miss Yang, who looks like a responsible person, gives an astonishing quotation, and each can be reduced by about 2,000 yuan. . "You buy so much tomorrow. We are all in the warehouse. It's not convenient to get the goods now."

According to the reporter’s understanding, the number of merchants temporarily accepting reservations is basically around 10 units. Many merchants have given customers a time to buy iPad 2, and they usually give a delivery time, usually 2-3 days. “Actually, this is Shanghai. The side of the iPad 2 came from Shenzhen, and the sharing of Shenzhen's five or six suppliers, the price difference will not be too much." Anonymous store vendors said that now stores will not pick up goods, are There are scheduled to get goods, reduce costs.