In order to evade the inspection and supervision of the inspection and quarantine institutions, Banfu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. split the wall lamp into “parts” for export. As a result, the quality detected by the customer was unqualified and was returned. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau that since last year, the ports of the city have repeatedly seized the company’s legally inspected lamps and lanterns in the name of lighting parts and outdoor lights, using illegal inspection code exports to evade inspection and quarantine supervision. Cases have led to an increase in the number of complaints or direct returns of Zhongshan products abroad.
Evading inspection and quarantine supervision was returned

It is understood that the lighting products exported by Banfu Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. are ordinary wall lamps. According to the regulations, the product is a legal inspection commodity, but in order to evade the supervision of the inspection and quarantine department, the enterprise splits it into a bracket (lighting parts) and a lamp, respectively, in the process of export inspection and customs declaration, and fails to apply for inspection and quarantine. Direct export in the case of formalities. As a result, after the goods arrived at the customer's hands, they were found to have quality problems such as internal power supply short-circuit and were returned.

The Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau quickly conducted a detailed investigation of the case and found that the main reason for the product failure was that the quality management system of the enterprise was not perfect. The company was required to conduct a thorough review of the incident and ensure that the export inspection and quarantine procedures were handled in strict accordance with relevant regulations.

According to the statistics of the Inspection and Supervision Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the products that have been complained more frequently by foreign countries in China are lighting products, accounting for 50% of the total foreign complaints about exporting mechanical and electrical products, most of which are caused by quality problems. Since last year, various ports in Zhongshan have also repeatedly seized the case that the company will use the illegal inspection code export to evade inspection and quarantine supervision in the name of lamps and lanterns, such as lighting parts and outdoor lights, which seriously affected the reputation of Zhongshan lamps.
Details are not in place and are returned

Why do export products often encounter returns?

Experts from the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau pointed out that in addition to deliberately evading inspections, there are mainly three reasons. The first is to ignore some details in terms of product quality, such as the missing parts list of the product manual, the improper labeling of the adhesive label, the white spots on the surface of the product, and the improper surface loading, which may cause the goods to be scratched. Secondly, it is unfamiliar with technical trade barriers and lacks understanding of the product standards implemented by export destination countries. Nowadays, 2088 leather waterproof shoes of a shoe factory in Sanxiang Township suffered a return. It is because the factory routinely uses the US TM77 standard to test the waterproofing of finished shoes, but the customer uses the US TM230 standard inspection after receiving the goods, resulting in waterproof testing. Not qualified. The third is that there is a non-reciprocal clause in the trade contract. Such cases often occur in OEM (OEM) manufacturing enterprises, customers often ask for harsh quality assurance conditions, and even require a three-year warranty period unconditional return, which to some extent leads to an increase in the number of returns.
"Checking the enterprise hand in hand" should respond to the return

In response to the recent emergence of export returns in the city, Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau quickly took measures to strengthen the investigation and management of export goods return.
Beginning on April 1 this year, Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau stipulates that all ports will find the return, and immediately issue the “Zhongshan Export Commodity Return Entry Form” to the applicants, asking the owner to fill in the reason for the return and whether to take remedial measures. Go to the relevant department to register and verify the certificate, and then go through the relevant procedures such as inspection and release.

According to the Zhongshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, in the future, according to the results of the investigation, the inspection and supervision measures will be adjusted in a timely manner, and measures such as issuing warning notices and applying for adjustment of the legal inspection catalogue will be applied to the higher authorities to effectively protect the interests of enterprises and the overseas reputation of Zhongshan products.


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