Entrusted by the Hefei Municipal Government Cultural New District Construction Headquarters Office, the Hefei Municipal Government Procurement Center will openly invite bids for the “Startup Park and the Citizens to swan Lake Buried Light Project”, and welcome qualified manufacturers to participate in the bidding.

First, the name and content of the purchase project:

1. Project Name: Pioneer Park, the public widely tasted the Swan Lake Buried Light Project

2. Tender No.: HFCGZX-Z2007164

3, the tender content: buried lights LED-220V/30W, buried lights LED-220V/20W, buried lights LED-24V/5W, LED DC power supply AC220V/DC24V/600W and so on. (For details, see the bidding documents).

Second, supplier qualifications:

1. Ability to independently assume civil liability;

2. Have a good business reputation and a sound financial system;

3. Have a good record of paying taxes and social security funds according to law;

4. Have the necessary equipment and professional technical ability to complete the bidding project;

5. In the three years prior to participating in government procurement activities, there were no major violations of laws and regulations in business activities;

6. Have relevant licenses and product inspection reports of the relevant administrative departments on the products to be invested;

7. Have sales performance of similar products in the past two years (with a copy of the contract);

8. Other conditions stipulated by laws and administrative regulations.

Third, the opening date: May 29, 2007 at 9:00

Bid Opening Location: 5th Opening Room, 9th Floor, Xingtai Building, 45 Jiu Shiqiao Street, Hefei City

4. Deadline for submission of bids: 9:00, May 29, 2007

V. Methods for the sale of tender documents:

1. Release time: May 9, 2007 to May 24, 2007 (excluding weekends and holidays)

8:30-12:00 am 14:30-17:30 pm (Beijing time)

2, the place of sale: Hefei City Government Procurement Center procurement three groups (Room 3011)

3. The price of the bidding documents: 400 (the bidding documents are not refundable after sale)

4. The supplier must bring the following information when purchasing the bidding documents:

(1) A photocopy or photocopy of the business license and tax registration certificate that passed the effective annual inspection;

(2) Legal representative's power of attorney (original);

(3) Provide sales performance of similar products in the past two years (with a copy of the contract).

Note: The conformity of the above information shall be subject to the final determination of the notary office. The reply to the clarification of the project will be announced in time on the website of the Hefei Municipal Government Procurement Center, and the bidders are requested to visit the website to know in time.

Sixth, contact method:

Unit: Hefei Municipal Government Procurement Center

Address: 3/F, Xingtai Building, 45 Jiu Shiqiao Street, Hefei (opposite to Yangtze River Theatre)

Contact person of this project: Huang Li



Zip code: 230001

Bank of opening: Huizhou Bank Drum Tower;

account number

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