Barco indoor LED series display products - ILite. Compact and stylish, with excellent color consistency images, it can be flexibly spliced ​​into displays of almost any shape and size, making it ideal for indoor locations where viewing distance is limited.

Currently, the ILite series has the following different resolutions: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
Barco indoor LED series display products--ILite MiTRIX Lightweight Modular LED Screen MiTRIX is a highly transparent, lightweight, lightweight modular LED screen with 24 mm pitch and 3000 nits brightness. The module is small in size, light in weight and only 60 mm thick; operating temperature is -30 to + Between 50 degrees, it has good resistance to cold and heat, and its own waterproof and sand-proof ability. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, typical applications include large backdrops for concerts, expositions and creative architectural designs. In addition, Barco also placed two LED large-screen display systems in the outdoor. Barco outdoor LED series display products The outdoor large-screen display system of the Barco B-10 Barco B-10 is ready to use; the car is driven to the event location, the screen is removed, and the display is immediately displayed. The screen is rotated 360 degrees, no matter how you set it up, you can easily reach the audience, no need for technicians to get ready in 15 minutes. In addition, the B-10 is completely self-contained and requires no external power supply. Diesel generators can operate for up to 28 hours (half load condition).


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