The colorful LED bead flashes on the white ceiling, and the striking hanging painting shows the impact on the wall. The glass lamp with a unique appearance emits a dazzling light. Under the control of the remote control, different lights alternately disappear. The sense of technology and dreams complement each Other here. This is the image of the store that Hong Kong Guancheng Lighting Company is renovating in the ancient town.

General Manager Jia Hailiang of Guancheng said that the store has been redesigned and renovated recently. After the store is finished, it will become a model for storefronts in various markets. Through years of market experience, Guancheng realized that only by doing brand can it develop in the long run. Jia Hailiang said that many lighting companies still have no brand awareness and are still making money. But doing branding is not blindly advertising and marketing, but more importantly, practicing internal strength. There are a wide range of content in the practice, and the decoration store is also an important part of the practice of Guancheng. Because the terminal image is the most real and direct brand experience for dealers and consumers, a unique and rich terminal image can give people a deep impression and even love, which can save a lot of cost than the general advertising campaign. Better results. This time, using a novel, unified and high-end design image to decorate the storefront is to highlight the brand new style of Guancheng and enhance the brand image of Guancheng in the market.

After completing the renovation of the new storefront, Guancheng will select pilot dealers in various markets and gradually promote the new terminal image, mainly through the channels of the store. The basic requirement of Guancheng is that the store area is above 70 square meters, otherwise it will not be enough. Reflecting the brand momentum of Guancheng. Jia Hailiang plans to use this off-season period to conduct serious inspections to markets across the country. On the one hand, he understands the operating conditions of Guancheng in various markets. On the one hand, he understands the market dynamics of his peers and consults dealers on the new image. Once the new image of the terminal is fully determined, Guancheng will promote the new store model on a large scale after entering the peak season.

In addition, Guancheng is also practicing in other businesses. Now Guancheng's product line is more concentrated and streamlined, and now only a few new products are being developed each month. Jia Hailiang said that on the one hand, it can guarantee the production quality, speed and scale of the products, and at the same time, it can concentrate on making superior products and enhancing the brand image. He also revealed that Guancheng is in the process of developing a new product that is healthy and environmentally friendly. It will have strong competitiveness and will soon be put into the market. And Guancheng usually distributes new product samples to dealers free of charge, in terms of after-sales service. , Guancheng dispatched professional after-sales service personnel to provide sufficient support for dealers. In terms of logistics, Guancheng speeded up the delivery speed and was able to send the dealer's order to the local market within a few days, not only strongly supporting the dealers, but also letting the dealers believe in the strength and credibility of the crown city.

Jia Hailiang emphasized that these actions are laid for the foundation of brand management and market expansion next year. Guancheng has to become an influential brand through a series of effective methods. Jia Hailiang pointed to a painting on the wall, "The Rise of the Brand", which was designed and produced with reference to the famous TV film "Rise of the Great Powers". In the future, it will be applied to dealer stores around the world together with other paintings, symbolizing the crown city. Like those powerful countries, they eventually emerged as powerful brands.


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