The traditional street lamp has a simple shape and a single function. Although it satisfies the basic lighting needs, it always feels inconsistent with the rapid development of the city. "The people who will play in the city" then opened their brains and added a sly function to the street lamps. Follow the small series today and see how the "city people" play for the street lights.

Paris rechargeable street light

There is a new streetlight on the streets of Paris, France, designed by French industrial designer mathieu lehanneur, called clover. This streetlight was installed in Paris during the 21st UN Climate Conference in 2015. In addition to its basic function as a streetlight, it also provides a resting seat. It seems that they are hand-carved. In fact, the street lamps and the accompanying seats are all industrially processed, which can combine different varieties of trees in the vicinity. Different installation methods, suitable for different characteristics of the street, the seat can reach up to 15 meters.

Another major feature of it is: environmental protection. The aluminum dome allows the light to diverge directly downwards, reducing light pollution while increasing energy efficiency. On the other side of the vault is a solar panel that provides 3 hours of power for the streetlight. Even better, there is a small hole in the street lamp that can charge the pedestrian's mobile phone. If you are on the road and the phone is running out of power, take a break on the seat and charge the phone.

Malaysian innovative street light

Today, Malaysia has also joined the ranks of this “new streetlight”. They plan to use a new type of streetlight on the street that, in addition to being able to illuminate, can also charge the phone, kill mosquitoes and issue flood warnings.

According to Fast Company, the streetlight was developed by Associate Professor of University of Malaysia, Wen Tong Chong and related research groups. It is equipped with wind turbines and solar panels on top. It is fully self-powered and offers the possibility of being completely out of the surrounding grid. At the same time, this street light has a charging function, and passers-by can charge their mobile devices through the interface on the light pole.

In addition, this street light has anti-mosquito function. This mosquito killer consists of a fan structure and a mosquito trap. The trap can combine with ultraviolet light and titanium dioxide to produce a small amount of carbon dioxide, which attracts mosquitoes to enter. When the mosquito is near the top mosquito killer, the fan in the device can inhale the mosquito and kill it.

Shanghai Daxie Road Street Light

In Shanghai Datun Road, there is a multi-functional “willful” street lamp, which is not only energy-saving and durable, but also has eight functions of free WiFi, monitoring, charging pile, environmental monitoring, etc. The most amazing thing is that it can “one button” Call the police".

On Datun Road, there are 15 intelligent street lamps standing about 400 meters between Shimen 1st Road and Chengdu North Road, 8 meters high and silver white. Its one-button alarm function is amazing: once the public encounters a critical situation, press the alarm button on the street light to seek rescue. The reporter pressed the button to test and immediately heard the reply: "Hello, your road section is No. 392, Datun Road, Huangpu District. Any help?"

The staff of the public service platform will link the medical, fire-fighting and other rescue units in time after understanding the general situation of the alarm person. At the same time, the monitoring probe will continuously record the surrounding pictures in order to accurately locate the location of the alarm person and track the situation. In the event of serious incidents such as severe congestion and trampling, the broadcast will urgently broadcast evacuation and rescue information. In addition to providing the police with the convenience of collecting evidence, the street lamp also has an environmental data acquisition system that can measure PM2.5, CO, CO2, NO, and NO2.

This smart street light also comes with an electric car charging post that can be paid for by the app. The reporter downloaded the special app “Electric Pile” and immediately searched for the number of nearby streetlight charging stations, and also reserved the charging time. At present, the charging cost is 0.89 yuan / kWh, and the payment method of the card will be added in the future.

In addition, the street light WiFi “eLight” is free for the public. In view of the safety of use, citizens must register and set a password when logging in. In the street lamp's own job - lighting, this smart street lamp is also no shortage of innovation, the LED lamp used is 50% more energy efficient than the previous high-pressure sodium lamp, and can also adjust the illuminance with the density of the road.

Las Vegas - Environmental Street Lights

Designed by New York startup EnGoPLANET, this streetlight is powered by a pedestrian in addition to solar energy. There are also several pedals that are matched with the street lights. When walking on the road, pedestrians will always step on one or two pedals, each of which can generate 7W of electricity, which will be stored in the battery for street lamps.

Lost children "guardian station"

For the lighting industry, setting up a simple and convenient, easy-to-find "missing child guardian station" is like taking a bag. Street lights are the most densely populated infrastructure in the city and are widely distributed and marked. If every street lamp becomes a "guardian station", it is not a multiplier to find a child for the police or parents.

It is worth noting that it is also equipped with a surveillance camera and an alarm system. If the child accidentally gets lost, he can find the smart street lamp next to the road. Through the “one-click call” button above, the police can be directly contacted. The police can monitor the camera through the camera. After identification, the children can be quickly retrieved by streetlight positioning.

With the smart light pole of the street lamp, a "skynet" that connects the street lights is needed, and the intelligent lighting control system plays such a role. Taking Shunzhou intelligent intelligent control system as an example, each street lamp has an independent “identity code”. The streetlights and street lamps between cities are connected by ZigBee technology, and the streetlights at the main control center and distribution box are intelligent. The control base station uses a wireless network such as GPRS for signal transmission. From the street light control platform, the data of all street lights, natural light, power consumption, fault analysis, and warnings are clear at a glance.

Google Sky Line Light

Citing foreign media Re/Code reports, a lot of reports on Google Fiber pointed out that Google plans to install antennas on top of street lamps to radiate network services to the home environment. In fact, Google Fiber tested the technology in Kansas City as early as November last year. The goal is to go live before the end of next year.

If this deployment is successful, it will inevitably bring great convenience. The problem of fiber-to-the-home is not only expensive but also time-consuming, because it is necessary to sort out the existing network architecture and obtain approval from local government agencies to build.

Currently, the service that Google is testing is based on the 28GHz band, which is about one-tenth of the range of signal transmission in the low-frequency band currently used for 4G networks. Therefore, Google needs to install a large number of antennas in the city in the future to ensure that the service can operate normally.

Micro Vibration Motor

The micro Vibration Motor is introduced:

Micro vibration motor is mainly used for adult health care products and toys, micro vibration motor is a Dc Motor, the motor shaft with an eccentric wheel, the use of most of the micro vibration motor voltage is lower than 6 v, probably between 6 mm to 15 mm in diameter, when the motor rotation, eccentric circle particles is not the core of the motor, the motor often lose their balance, due to the inertia effect.

Characteristics: small volume, strong vibration;

Features: small size, fast speed, stable performance, low price, can use battery drive,Can change the different materials of the pendulum head
Vibration Motor Vibration Motor
Method of use: the best stable in horizontal plane, installed on the dc Micro vibration motor output shaft parts, cannot use a hammer to knock, knock prone to press into the Micro vibration motor drive, may cause damage to internal components, and cannot be used in the case of blocked.

vibration motor

Operating temperature range:

Mini Vibration Motor should be used at a temperature of -10~60℃.

The figures stated in the catalog specifications are based on use at ordinary room temperature catalog specifications re based on use at ordinary room temperature (approximately20~25℃.

If a Mini Vibration Motor is used outside the prescribed temperature range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.Depending on the temperature conditions ,it may be possible to deal with them by changing the grease of the motor's parts.Please feel free to consult with us about this.

Storage temperature range:

Mini Vibration Motor should be stored ta a temperature of -15~65℃.

In case of storage outside this range,the grease on the gearhead area will become unable to function normally and the motor will become unable to start.

Service life:

The longevity of Mini Vibration Motor is greatly affected by the load conditions , the mode of operation,the environment of use ,etc.Therefore,it is necessary to check the conditions under which the product will actually be used .The following conditions will have a negative effect on longevity.Please consult with us should any of them apply.

●Use with a load that exceeds the rated torque

●Frequent starting

●Momentary reversals of turning direction

●Impact loads

●Long-term continuous operation

●Forced turning using the output shaft

●Use in which the permitted overhang load or the permitted thrust load is exceeded

●A pulse drive ,e.g.,a short break,counter electromotive force,PWM control

●Use of a voltage that is nonstandard as regards the rated voltage

●Use outside the prescribed temperature or relative-humidity range,or in a special environment.

●Please consult with us about these or any other conditions of use that may apply,so that we can be sure that you select the most appropriate model.

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vibration motor

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