At present, the polarization pattern of the LED packaging industry has been formed, the larger one is Evergrande and the strong one is Hengqiang. Yuan Manybao, deputy general manager of Xinyichang, said at the seminar on packaging innovation that “our equipment manufacturers need to take responsibility, not only to do good quality, but also to do the service well. This is the current survival of the company.”

Indeed, as a well-known LED equipment company in China, Xinyichang always focuses on the development of solid crystal machines. At present, the double-head solid crystal machine is a key product in the market layout, and has been highly recognized by domestic and foreign packaging customers.

Song Changning, general manager of Xinyichang, believes that “at present, equipment localization has become a trend, which is undoubtedly not a good opportunity for domestic equipment companies.”

In fact, as electronic packaging technology is becoming more and more faster, smaller, and cheaper, the market share of LEDs used in lighting is increasing year by year, and its manufacturing costs are decreasing year by year, which is for equipment companies. It is also an opportunity.

Therefore, Xinyichang aimed at the market opportunity and successfully developed the GS866 fully automatic planar solid crystal machine in December 2015.


The production cycle of the GS866 fully automatic flat die bonding machine is 250ms (depending on the chip size and the bracket). It is suitable for CO aluminum substrate (length 300-1200m, width 50-90mm).

Different from the previous LED solid crystal process, the GS866 solid crystal machine directly solders the chip to the COB aluminum substrate holder, reducing the intermediate process, increasing the speed, shortening the manufacturing cycle, saving material cost and manufacturing cost.

According to Song Changning, “The GS866 fully automatic planar solid crystal machine is a double-point glue system driven by a linear motor. The high-precision linear drive solid crystal tying head adopts a new constant temperature dispensing system and vacuum leak detection. The industrial computer control equipment can operate. Simplify the use of automated equipment, improve production efficiency and reduce costs for enterprises, so as to effectively improve the competitiveness of enterprises."

In addition, the GS866 fully automatic planar solid crystal machine has been well received by customers since its launch.

Some customers' evaluation of products

1, cost-effective;

2. The equipment performance is stable and the yield is high;

3. High precision of solid crystal;

4. High degree of automation;

5. The cost is significantly reduced;

6. Reduce intermediate processes and reduce manufacturing cycles;

7, the same device volume can provide more power;

8, the user interface is simple, the operation is user-friendly.

Based on GS866 automatic flat-film solid crystal machine with unique technical innovation, strong market competitiveness, customers generally reflect better, Xin Yichang decided to bring this product to "competition" 2016 Gaogong LED Golden Globe Award "Innovation of the Year" Product Award".

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