Note that this phone is mainly due to the release of ZUK Z2 EDGE, remember Jingdong direct price cuts to 2099-100 = 1999.820 + top ten sensors + 1080P + 6GB memory + 128GB memory or let me obsessed, although music as the cost-effective, but Tai Hang's aftermarket + Tai Hang's fingerprint + Tai Hang's fragile screen made me daunted. Think of your own mobile phone is always lack of memory, so you want to change a large memory 128GB start the phone, at least do not often delete the micro-channel record.

Reasons to purchase

Select this phone is mainly 6GB+128GB of memory +820CPU attractive to me, more importantly, cost-effective, although we all say that no NFC, workmanship and other issues, but I think these are not very important, as long as it is not work very rubbish Can accept, I myself do not pursue beauty, so the appearance I still look at in the past.

Then unfortunately when EDGE was released a week later, I only used the account to say "This is not a conference, this is a factory inspection," and the account was permanently banned. Think about this, Lenovo's company is not even this point, no wonder no good mobile phone, and then I resolutely for 7 days no reason to return, and do not intend to buy any of Lenovo's products. However, U-touch's toxicity feels stronger than mback. For other mobile phones, it is always wrong, and then there is a 3000-200 coupon for just 1.1. The actual payment for the mobile phone is about 1964 yuan, plus the actual amount of the white bar payment minus 1900 yuan.

The purchase link is as follows:

Appearance Gallery

Unpacking is as follows

Mobile phone includes: phone card pin, charger, charging cable, membership card

The mobile phone is using TYPE-C. My mom is not worried about me inserting the wrong one. The material is generally working. The line of the line always feels easier to break.

The charger is 5.4V-2.5A standard, how much faster the actual charging will be full I do not know, do not want to review here, because they are all home to charge the night. Half a day is not used, the battery is enough

In terms of appearance, I don’t think it’s very good, but it’s not ugly, but I’m so ugly for the official website! Lenovo's art is also a poor B.

The black side of the screen can basically be counted as no, this control is very, very good

At the bottom is the charging jack, loud speaker, microphone, and headphone jack. I think the work of these points is still good. There is no gap when inserting and inserting the charging.

High-side leg cutting CNC cutting, gold blessing, I feel still abandoned the sense of boredom of local gold, this factor of blessing makes the overall kind of small fresh feeling

The key and volume keys work or not very good and there are more serious shaking

Top layout

The red part is the breathing light, slightly pale blue, the overall feeling is good, but the round hole is asymmetric, it always feels almost what

Fingerprint recognition slightly protruding, this feeling is not very good, with the screen flat or concave are more feel, the convex feeling is not good.

The slot work is not embarrassing, take it out and slightly shaken

The back of the glass fiber is used, I like it on the back, look better, if you can remove the ZUK

The middle layer has a shock-absorbing design, and you can feel the shock-absorbing sandwich with a little pressure. Is it really possible to prevent it from breaking? It is not known, but I still have a broken screen and it is broken before and after.

The camera has the feeling of a dark eye, saying that the design on the back won my heart

Using double LED soft compensation, the shooting effect is still good for me!

experience feelings

First, the system: ZUK's system is really simple and generous, some of the built-in APP but can be deleted, we do not have to worry about.

U-TOUCH's function settings can be defined by themselves. Personal feeling is the most powerful, and it is easier to use than all fingerprints on the world.

Before the test turned off all the background running, the function of the mobile butler was very good. The function of forbidding the start of association made me completely give up the green guard, and the root felt nothing meaning and solved the trouble.

Individual installation of assessment software, network control are good.

Second, run the sub-test:

6GB memory system usage is about 1.8GB. The actual test of 117,000 and the official 130,000 gap is relatively large and I do not know what the reason is, but I think this is enough for me to use it.

The internal configuration is as follows, there is no NFC, but navigation positioning is very accurate soon. Map guide will not be lost

Master Lu's running points are as follows: From the evaluation results, I feel that Master Lu's assessment is more realistic and purely personal, although I do not like the 360 ​​series.

Screen supports 10 fingers simultaneous touch

The fluency, etc. are enough, so don't worry about Caton.

However, there are occasional slight snags when it is actually used, especially the WeChat snags! Feeling optimization still needs improvement. Visual test support 7.0, hope not to buy it was abandoned by Lenovo.

Third, video and audio testing: sound effects: Out put function is very poor, earphone playback effect quite satisfactory, not prominent.

Audio and video playback is still good, the screen's fineness and degree of reduction are more accurate, this piece of screen material is still quite full

3D evaluation, Play King Glory, 2016, Onmyoji is really not card

Fourth, camera evaluation:

Although only 16 million pixels, the actual imaging results are good. Macro and focus options are very different. Imaging is also fast

Macro effect is still good

Automatic white balance and reduction under long-range, dim lighting are good.

to sum up


1. U-TOUCH is the best fingerprint touch method I personally use. There is no one, but each person's feeling is different, and others may not think so.

2, the phone is very cost-effective, quality control rate than the same price of the same configuration of the product is higher

3, according to the reaction after-sales service is still really good, customer service will not be a lot of wrangling with you, Lenovo's service reputation is still there.


1. The workmanship still needs to be improved. It does not want the work of the flagship machine. It is similar to the thousands machine workmanship.

2. The screen is a bit small (5.2 inches for me) but the belt capacity is not very good, moderate users may barely maintain the day.

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