Millet Strategy:

In the recent study of corporate strategy, I feel more and more clear about Xiaomi's diversification.

Normally, the company's strategic positioning is either a cost leadership, a differentiation strategy, or a cost leadership/differentiation strategy in the segmentation field.

Most of the segments are for products or industries. Xiaomi's segmentation area is people. Xiaomi uses its ability to influence fans and product delivery capabilities, establishes a product distribution channel for subdivided people, and establishes its own cost leadership strategy for subdivided areas. n Whether it is a cell phone, a headset, a mobile power supply, a keyboard, etc., which are people sensitive to new products and new things in the crowd, these people may be GEEK, may prefer environmental protection packaging, simple appearance and so on.

Therefore, Xiaomi's series of products satisfies the demands of this group of people. For these people, Xiaomi represents the performance above the average and exceeds the average price/performance ratio. I am one of these people.



Following the simple and concise design language of millet series, it is easy to be recognized as Apple accessories.


White keyboard, piano lacquer panel.


Aluminum alloy back plate, touch like iPad back.

Feet have damping, excellent slip performance.


Only one USB to miniUSB cable.

Hardware Configuration

Key number:

87-key layout, especially suitable for office use. For the code farmer, the poker's key position may be more appropriate. For the game player, the full size is better. For the office environment, especially the connection to the notebook computer, the 87 key is the most convenient.


Yuemi Keyboard This product uses the TTC red axis instead of the more common CHREEY MX axis.

The ttc red axis is a market recruit. Soon after its listing, the manufacturer is Huizhou Zhengpai Electric Power Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1998, Huizhou Zhengpai Electric Power Co., Ltd. specializes in the design, development and production of digital encoders, electronic switches and connectors, and is widely used in mobile phones, automotive electronics, notebooks, mice, keyboards, medical equipment, and digital products. Household appliances, measuring instruments, industrial control equipment, etc. In December 2008, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. It established the Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Research and Development Center. It was identified as a Provincial Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise and a Provincial Honest Demonstration Enterprise by the Guangdong Province. The company passed ISO14001, ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949. Through internationally renowned safety certification organizations such as the United States "UL", Canada "CUL", Germany "VDE", EU "ENEC", South Korea "EK" and China "CQC" certification. The company's products have obtained more than 150 international and domestic patents, and the annual output has reached 1 billion.

From the company's introduction, it can be seen that genuine brand electric power is an old factory that produces digital encoders and electronic switches.

The website's introduction revealed that it has a large number of partners, including Honeywell, Logitech, Panasonic, and Razer.

Why do you want to use ttc axis body?

There are several reasons for summing up the online arguments.

1. Sufficient supply

It was reported that most of Cherry's shafts were bought out by pirate ships, causing the market to be out of stock. Newcomers such as ttc will not have the problem of being out of stock, and in order to open up the market, Yuemi will get a good price.

2. Quality guarantee

The shaft of the mechanical keyboard is a product of the last century. In fact, it is not difficult to develop the technology, especially for the old electronic switch manufacturers. People's emperor sky own brand is also the company's micro-motion.

3. The performance gap is not large

According to the above statement:

At the beginning of the 14th year, the patent protection of the cherry shaft expired. Therefore, other manufacturers would not need to bear relevant legal liabilities on the basis of the imitation and reconstruction. The cherry shaft mold machine needs to run in, the new machine generally does not feel better than the old machines do, so we must slowly increase production capacity, the current global shaft demand at least breaks 100 million a month, cherry can not meet the supply volume Only nearly a million of the manufacturers of mechanical keyboards shipped monthly, such as Razer, could not be satisfied, and they had to invest in the mechanical axes of other switchgears to meet their own supply.


The key cap is made of polycarbonate and ABS resin two-color keycaps that are not easily scratched.


White, part of the key can change orange.

Handling performance


The red axis goes straight up and down, with no sense of passage.

Lighting control:

Light intensity can be controlled.

No breathing and other effects.

The win key lock and caps lock are turned on with discoloration.

to sum up



user group:

Rice noodles, white-collar workers, light gamers

What can be improved:

Accessories can be more abundant and should have a puller.

Extensive product lines, launch CHERRY MX axis version and Bluetooth version to meet one-step needs.


Excellent appearance, functional and practical, cost-effective choice.

PS: Bibi eyesight. Can you find some of the products that Aunty has promoted from this photo?

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