With the universal joint 5.2K@30fps/4K@60fps Micro Four Thirds video camera, Dji's new Inspire 2 drone can take cinema-level video from the air, bringing a new and smarter user experience. Perhaps you will mistakenly think that the Inspire 2 drone is just a flight camera platform. In fact, it is a smart, even ultra-smart flight camera platform with multiple vision sensors and infrared sensing systems. It can move forward, downward and even. Shoot up and autonomously avoid obstacles, ensuring that the camera operator concentrates on capturing motion video, even when the drone's flight speed reaches 54 km/h. In fact, it is a cinema-grade camera in the form of a drone.

Powered by Xilinx:拥有5K 摄像头的大疆 Inspire 2 无人机

This is a simplified illustration of the new Inspire 2 drone in DJI:

Powered by Xilinx: Dajiang Inspire 2 drone with 5K camera

Dajiang Inspire 2 drone with automatic multi-dimensional obstacle avoidance

The DJI Inspire 2 UAV can not only avoid obstacles, but its onboard intelligence can automatically achieve camera pointing, ensuring that the HD video camera tracks the selected object (this is the Spotlight Pro feature) and can fly to the space specified point (TapFly). And avoid obstacles, can fly with the specified object and keep the aerial camera at the object (AcTIveTrack), and press the button to automatically fly home with the map generated in real time during the flight.

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