According to the user's feedback, the user's attention to the intelligence of the sweeping robot is mainly concentrated in 8 directions. It is quite unexpected that the obstacle-blocking ability has become the focus of everyone's attention. The other seven aspects are: automatic refilling and anti-winding capability. , anti-collision ability, ability to get out of trouble, scheduled appointment cleaning, anti-drop ability and remote control. Proscenic's latest planned sweeping robot 780TS is facing these eight smart exams. What is the performance?

The Proscenic 780TS adopts the iPNAS four-stage intelligent cleaning system, which consists of four parts: positioning, composition, planning and cleaning. Each part is interlocked to make the cleaning task orderly. Wireless carrier dual positioning, positioning accuracy error is small; HSIR+ multi-point matrix intelligent planning, comprehensive control of indoor map; ARM9 chip fast calculation cleaning route, no repetition, no omission; high-precision gyroscope linear cleaning is not yaw, regular, high efficiency. The superior intelligent planning of the iPNAS four-stage intelligent cleaning system has become the most critical element of the Proscenic 780TS.
1, the ability to overcome obstacles: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Proscenic 780TS can easily cross the obstacles of 15mm height, achieve 25 degrees of climbing, and the general family does not have very complex terrain, sweeping robots need to cross the place, most exist in the floor The edge strips, sills, sliding doors, carpets, etc., and the height is basically within 10mm. Actual tests have shown that the ability to overcome obstacles is excellent.
2, automatic recharge: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Proscenic 780TS automatic recharge principle is: when the device power is less than 20%, the device according to the positioning navigation map back to the charging base automatically charge, continue to clean after charging; when all After the cleaning task is completed, the device returns to the charging base for automatic charging. The advantage of automatic recharging is that the machine can be kept in a state of being powered, and it can be kept on standby for cleaning work. The second is that we do not need to manually charge the machine, which is an important indicator of the intelligence level of the device. After 3 tests, the Proscenic 780TS can correctly complete the automatic refill task.
3, anti-winding ability: ★ ★ ★ anti-winding ability can directly feedback to the user experience, if the anti-winding ability is weak, there will often be a phenomenon that the machine is trapped, directly affecting the cleaning effect, need to be saved. Proscenic 780TS anti-winding ability is quite good, the sewing thread as short as 10cm will automatically inhale the dust box, do not worry about being wrapped around, and the grounding headphone cable, Proscenic 780TS will pass directly from above, do not worry about being entangled.
4, anti-collision ability: ★ ★ ★ ★ sweeping robots often collide with furniture or table corners, not only may damage the sweeper, but also may bring high-end furniture to the collision. The Proscenic 780TS features mechanical and electronic double-layer protection. It is equipped with a bumper on the front of the device and a black rubber elastic strip on the front. When the device is in close contact with the home, it protects the product and protects the indoor home. The measured results show that the anti-collision capability of the Proscenic 780TS is good and there is very little collision.
5, ability to get out of trouble: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I am afraid we do not want to sweep the robot is trapped somewhere, but also we have to save it! So the ability of the equipment to remove the trap is very important. The Proscenic 780TS guarantees excellent product release in two ways. First, plan before work. Proscenic 780TS adopts wireless carrier positioning system, which can accurately locate and compose the indoor home environment, and plan the cleaning route to reduce the risk of being trapped. Secondly, the body adopts a disc shape, which can realize 360 ​​degree rotation in situ anywhere. This type of model has better ability to remove the trap than the D-type structure of the sweeping robot. The measured surface, the Proscenic 780TS can get full marks.
6, scheduled appointment cleaning: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Proscenic 780TS has a scheduled appointment function, allowing the device to start cleaning tasks on time at the scheduled time. After 5 tests, the Proscenic 780TS can be started on time.
7, anti-drop ability: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ General indoor environment has no stairs, so the anti-drop basic use is not big. If the duplex type has stairs, the anti-drop ability of the sweeping robot is particularly important. At the bottom of the Proscenic 780TS, 5 pairs of down-view probes are installed, which can detect the ground in all directions. When encountering stairs and sunken grounds, the 780TS turns away and performs very well.
8, remote control: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Remote control is a highlight of the Proscenic 780TS. Remote control can be realized by installing Ali Smart APP on Android phones and IOS phones and binding Proscenic 780TS. You can see the current status of the device on the mobile phone, and control the cleaning mode of the device, such as automatic cleaning, area cleaning, edge cleaning, and back charging. The Proscenic 780TS remote control provides great convenience for the upper and the business travelers. The sweeping robot can be controlled by tapping the buttons on the mobile phone in any place in the world.
Summarizing the Proscenic 780TS with its powerful strength to meet the consumer's mind in the intelligent sweeping robot's 8 major expectations, with a good intelligent planning cleaning system, bringing practical and easy to use the actual experience, the overall performance is commendable, worth buying.

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