Everyone knows, jellyfish meets everyone again.


Let's talk about why to buy it first. As an old player of a drone, from the earliest unmanned drones to do it himself, to later into the DJI's wizard egg machine, and then to the later 2V +, then to 3A. Of course, more drones have played more than these, 100 million airlines, these zero flights have been tested, churning 4, mavic imperial and Wu Shen also played, and know the flying friends plus group is also a lot. In fact, at the beginning, I was not very interested in this kind of portable, folding drone. I think drones should be the kind of wizards. Later, they discovered that large drones are also inconvenient because of their inconvenience. Can not play a few times. (In fact, it was because of the experience of 2V+ fried chicken before it was thrown away and he had no car)

In fact, this gift I wrote earlier in Amway referred to zero dobby. In addition to DJI, Zero and Yihang are relatively good for Chinese drones, and there are many innovations.

Just after seeing the dobby article on 5i, I thought, it was time to play. The friend who tested in Airline also uses this drone to "yet" to evaluate it. It is worth doing, mainly because you like it.

About zero degree:


In order to avoid suspicion of advertising, of course, say buying channels. Just want to buy a dobby play during the New Year period, you can take pictures with friends and relatives, mainly portable. As the Jellyfish who knows many flying friends and brothers, the price of 2399 is definitely not cost-effective. So sent to the group, asked if they had sold dobby, and the result was actually an old brother. The new year is the final welfare price for the group friends, and the new dual-edition half-price sale, Bao Shunfeng. Still very cost-effective, cost-effective invincible, decisive on the train.


The performance parameters are still very strong and should be the only UAV products using Qualcomm Xiaolong chips. The use of Qualcomm Xiaolong 801, with 2G RAM. The body comes with 16G storage, performance is still guaranteed.


The dimensions are very portable, and the trouser pocket may have some thighs, but it is absolutely stress-free in the top pocket. The whole battery contains less than 200g, which is slightly heavier than the mobile phone.


Because of the lithium battery, SF land transport, two and a half days.

Contrast with DJI's big box.

The box is really small and small.

Above is a zero-degree intelligence logo, a dobby logo on the side, and a folded dobby drone. This should be an old version of the packaging, recently changed the new version of the packaging, the front zero-degree logo was replaced by a top view of the drone.

There are some simple information and production foundries on the back of the drone. As well as safe flight and danger warnings. Or the phrase drone non-toy! Be careful with every flight.

Compared with the size of the cell phone box, this dobby drone's box is really only as large as a cell phone box. Compared to the same mavic folding drones packaging is also much smaller than the mavic package, of course, because there is no reason for flight control.

A good soap.

More than a thousand drones have optical flow ultrasound positioning, you said that the value is not worth it!

The drone body is a common 13 million-pixel Sony IMX214 sensor for a 2k-3k price drone that supports 4K 30FPS. No pan/tilt, three-axis electronic image stabilization is used. There is no problem with taking pictures. If you record videos in flight, there will still be jitters. Of course, if you do not change direction or climb quickly, it will be relatively stable.

Remove the drone. The following is the manual warranty card. The bottom layer is the drone battery and accessories.

Accessories family portrait, because it is a dual version, the fuselage with a battery, there is a box. Accessories are Type-C data cable, charger, 18W fast charge head and a Type-C conversion head. The body uses a Micro USB interface and should be designed for waterproofing.

Quick Start Guide, Disclaimer and Warranty Card. Although the quick start guide is thin, it is fairly detailed. However, compared with the DJI's color picture and detailed instructions are still relatively simple, fortunately dobby learning cost is not high, it is easy to use.

The optical current and sonar are accurately positioned near the ground and can be hovered accurately indoors. Of course, the indoor flight is limited.

The actual experience of the lens is still good. The zero-degree algorithm causes the original piece to appear slightly smeared. After a slight late period, the effect is good, and the DJI Wizard 3S, 3A is not lost. If you want to video aerial photography, then this is not your choice, after all, there is no PTZ, electronic anti-shake camera stable solution, flight video or recommended with PTZ. Another point of regret is that the angle adjustment of the lens only supports manual adjustment and cannot be adjusted by flight control.

The compact body and foldable are its selling points.

Small flying paddles, dobby's accessories are generally not too expensive, really hit the wear and tear, and change does not feel bad. By the way, playing drones all know that the paddles have to be changed, not one, or they will affect the balance.

Only the size of the phone is the reason why I bought it.

Small aircraft, turn it on

Light years protection body, not bombing.

There are blue flying lights below. Of course, because drones are too small and flying high, they are basically invisible, plus if there is any fog.

The charger interface uses the Type-C interface.

9V 2A fast charge. Fill a battery for about 30 minutes. With a battery capacity of 970 mAh, it can fly for approximately 8-9 minutes. Because of the size and weight of the aircraft, the battery capacity is relatively small. 8-9 minutes of this flight time is also considered normal, of course, this biased toy and photographed short-range drone 8-9 minutes enough to use, and both the body and the charger support mobile power for charging use.

This 970 mAh smart battery is more general, in fact, is not smart, and DJI's smart battery gap is still relatively large. The above power indicator light is basically meaningless, indicating that the power level is inaccurate. This point needs to be strengthened.

The charger is also very easy to use, lightweight, easy to charge, and also supports mobile power charging.

Battery disassembly is very convenient, and the replacement of the double battery is very fast.

A omnipotent treasure also has a luminous reflector that sells the drone arm for night flight.

Flight experience:

controlling software:

Without flight control, the dobby drone uses cell phone control and WiFi transmission.

The control software is a dedicated Do.Fun APP. This app icon is really in line with the positioning of this product. The main self-timer and female drone user, how to look like a beauty software hahaha. DJI's icon does not know where it is higher than it.

Like the new DJI APP, the Do.Fun APP has community features that allow you to share your pictures and videos. I remember that the first time I played Phantom 2V+, DJI software was not as versatile as it is now.

There are also instructions for learning before the link. It is easy to get started.

In addition to the illustrations, there is a video tutorial on the zero-scale intelligence control in the Do.Fun APP. There is a shy sister inside telling you to fly the plane.

The connection is simple, the boot, the blue power light flashes. Then wait for the ESC to start and give a tone. Connect with a mobile phone via a WiFi drone. There is basically no delay and wait in the middle.


The update is very simple. Click Update in the software to complete the update. Restart after the update. The speed of the update process is very fast, and it does not emit as much heat as the DJI.


There are many options for control. I chose a safety joystick. Somatosensory as its name suggests is to operate through gravity sensing, which is cool, but I'm still accustomed to using joysticks. The safety rocker is fixed, and the rocker options are as fixed as the game you play.


The maximum rise height in GPS mode is 50M, and the maximum rise height in optical flow mode is 3M. The control distance is 100M. Hover error is +/-0.1M vertical and +/-0.3M horizontal. This flying height is basically enough for the average player. It's not good to fly high. It only increases the risk.


Supports a key takeoff and landing. Indoor light flow is stable like a dog. Whether it is taking off or hovering is very stable.

It can be hovered steadily, without having to manipulate the phone when hovering. Flying indoors, due to the compact body and fairly mature technology, indoor photo taking and so on are not a problem. And landing with a key can also be a perfect landing to the takeoff position.


At the same time is intelligent flight, a key to take off. More than 8 GPSs fly without having to calibrate the compass every time.

Jizhong Fei, no scene, are hazy.

Flying high like a bee... I actually want to say like a small fly.

The small plane is still very stable. Older brother is stable and gets off safely. This wave does not cause losses. I am very satisfied.


Dobby drone shooting picture:

Xi'an has recently suffered severe haze.

Dobby drone post filter:

The dobby drone self-timed and unlocked his new pose.

There is something going on with the oldest mom, just passing the open space and you can fly for a while. Say to the old man, "Let's use drones to share images." The old man asked me if there was a drone that was not brought out. Then I took it out of my pocket. Hahaha, this trick can be used for sisters. Of course, drones still belong to high-risk products, and it is recommended that they fly in non-proliferation areas that have a small number of people and meet national regulations. Xi'an drone management is still relatively loose, basically where you can fly, sometimes with a small partner to take a belfry or city wall, of course, that is either Wu or Yu, start 4 start, after all...

Xi'an Bell Tower shot from DJI mavic:

Special feature:

+10s shooting:

This can be set 10s automatic flight shooting video, the effect is not bad. Fully automatic without manual operation.

Round flight:

Around the flight, this I have not learned how to operate, grasp the distance, feeling is still more dangerous.

Face recognition:

How to say this function, I think it is also more dangerous. If equipped with a protective paddle, this function can be played.

Target Tracking:

Not bad, similar to the DJI's target tracking, is to avoid obstacles as DJI, or to play in the open space.

Streaming video:

Share the function of a circle of friends.

On the second day after receiving the plane, he arrived at a omnipotent treasure to buy a sticker and a flying paddle cover.

Buy one is still prepared.

Film, I think this film looks

Ready to buy another LED tail light to modify it.

Last but not least, as for the palm of your hand that takes off and lands, it's good to listen to it. To be on the safe side, choose to land on the ground. If you really want to play with palms and landings, I suggest you bring your book with you and use it with your book.

Of course, if you have other ideas and uses, I can tell you that the dobby, although small, is as loud as other drones larger than it is, so...

Dobby also had a team flying suit and achieved commercialization, which greatly reduced my zero degree. (Image source network)

Dobby is indeed not a perfect self-driving drone as it was said on the 5i, but it is also the first sense to let users fly from the drone, not PPM is not a DEMO, nor is it a crowdfunding. DJI has done a good job in aerial drones, but it has still started in the area of ​​consumer mini drones. As for the price of mavic, it is not acceptable to all as a mini drone. To zero degree, the current situation of the company is definitely not comparable with that of Dajiang. I also hope that these companies that do their business will be getting better and better and bring us more surprises.

Purchase suggestion:

Drones still belong to high-risk toys. It is still necessary to prepare chickens for flying. Maybe the day was blown up or lost, don't feel bad.

to sum up:

The dobby this drone was not as good as everyone said before. Also because of the different positioning of products, dobby also has its market share and different user groups. In terms of portable compactness and innovation, it is still possible to give dobby a very high rating. It has been a very high evaluation of it after I have actually tested it. From the crowdfunding to the present, there is also a quick one year time, which also proves that this product can stand the test of the market and users.


Small and portable, it's just as big as a cell phone after folding, so it can be easily put into your pocket. Playability is also relatively high, technology is relatively mature, flight stability, and multiple guarantees. It is ideal for amateur photography, but it's just for taking pictures and recording video clips. It's also suitable for occasional players who want to play drones, addictive flying friends, and easy to use features that are also very suitable for the girls. Use it.


The battery is small and the battery life is short. Smart battery power display is inaccurate, there is no pan tilt, and the noise is slightly larger.

Of course, this product is still the main positioning of the camera and experience the fun of drones. My positioning of it is also a toy. Actually, many people buy expensive drones that can fly several times a year. Because of busy work, safety, and inconvenience to carry, there is also no good-looking scene at the same time. This is a very good choice as an occasional fun. Of course, I think that the price of 2399 yuan is still a bit expensive, but many agents are relatively low prices, there are some in inventory. Overall, this drone is very good in terms of playability and cost performance.

In the end, see here not to walk away. Welcome everyone to pay attention to this jellyfish. The handsome and beautiful lady sisters are all paying attention to oh~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Happy every day, all wishes come true, I wish all flying friends can fly, do not fry. Welcome to reward and lose coins, favorite comments, continue for a second ~

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